Hana Rai

Hana Rai Owner and Founder, LAGOM NEPAL Hana Rai is the Owner and Founder of LAGOM NEPAL. Keeping conscious clothing as her inspiration, she specialises in carefully designed handmade garments. Bri…

Managing Stress With Exercise

Stress has become a huge part of our lives today. From kids to adults, everyone seems to use the words – I am stressed – almost on a daily basis. Kids are stressed by exams, class routines, peer pr…

Flux Is Freedom

Nothing in the outside world is certain, that’s a fact. It’s uncertain and that’s what makes it challenging. Uncertainty means things are changing; in other words there is no limbo. If you are walk…


In the history of this humanity, many truly scintillating human beings have happened – they have shone brighter than the stars in the sky. Why are a few human beings of this capability, and why do …

Dr. Ratnakar Adhikari

Dr. Ratnakar Adhikari is the Executive Director of the Enhanced Integrated Framework Executive Secretariat at the World Trade Organisation where he leads a programme focused on economic empowerment…


Make your role so worthy in life that people applaud even after the curtains fall: They say this was Colonel MN Rai’s WhatsApp status a few weeks ago. This little statement shows the depth of his i…


We are at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty and fear around us regarding the global health pandemic COVID 19. While the situation in Nepal – till the time I write this article –…

SangayTenzing Lama

Sangay Tenzing Lama is the newly appointed Director of Sales & Marketing at Shangri~LaHotels & Resorts. With an experience of over 13 years in hospitality marketing, Lama has worked with ma…

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