For a Benign State Post-Corona

Can the electorate disassociate itself from its karma? Today, we are partners in pain. Corona virus has done what humans could not. It has brought the world together. We are far more sensitive of e…


Angels in white create new management standards in Corona war I have no hesitation in saying that doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers have outshone all of us in the ongoing global war agai…

AI: Threat or Opportunity?

Better befriend Artificial Intelligence than wish it away Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reality may appear contradictory but the fact is that AI is fast becoming the reigning reality of modern l…


Timely and specific critique is easier stated than done You get back what you feed. In fact, you get back more than what you give. That is the magic of feedback in business management. So, if you a…

Unravelling the Scriptures

The Hindu way of life has lessons galore for our managers A very happy new year to managers young and old!  It is for over a year that Business Sutra has been my platform for discussing the ar…

Business From The Heart

Doing good for the customer is good for the account book too  Why did Andrew Hoggard’s book ‘Business from the Heart’ catch the corporate world’s eye? The author is not known for any global busines…

Ignore Economics, Bury Business

Are managers equipped to tackle the topsy-turvy of global economy?   Regular readers of Business Sutra must have realised by now that the column is devoted largely to tools and techniques of manage…

Tackling Nature’s Fury

Nature is, more often than not, benign and caring. But it is unpredictable too. It can display its angry and ferocious self, at any point of time and upset our apple cart. Many a time nature unleas…

Self Management – Most Important

 A do-it-yourself  primer for young executives on the move Managers get work done. Yes, that is a manager’s job, his work, his test. But how does he do that? Through self-management, the cardinal p…

Six Sigma In Tiffin Box!

How Mumbai’s semi-literate dabbawalas have set up unmatched service levels Ordinary beings can often do extraordinary things and set example for management bosses and dons without holding fancy qua…

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