Self Management – Most Important

 A do-it-yourself  primer for young executives on the move Managers get work done. Yes, that is a manager’s job, his work, his test. But how does he do that? Through self-management, the cardinal p…

Six Sigma In Tiffin Box!

How Mumbai’s semi-literate dabbawalas have set up unmatched service levels Ordinary beings can often do extraordinary things and set example for management bosses and dons without holding fancy qua…

Never Too Late To Learn

Mentoring is the success mantra for managers, young or old Mentoring has been an integral part of learning in the Orient for ages. Whether those be scriptures, governance (raj dharma), the art of w…

Ambition-Led Goals Often Backfire

Goals do more harm than good: management researchers The line dividing aspiration and ambition is rather thin. To aspire for one’s betterment is valid and makes sense. However, vaulting ambition ca…

Go environmental

Managers need to see the link with the bottom line The United Nations’ report ‘Sixth Global Environmental Outlook’ released mid-March sends a chill down the spine. Prepared by 250 scientists and ex…


Some people have the unique capability of discovering ghosts where there are none. These imaginary ghosts are then used to create scare in the society to fulfill vested interests.  Driven by unbrid…

Let Emotions Grow Your Business

People generally believe that persons with high intelligence quotient (IQ) are bound to make it big in life. That is why we lay so much stress on academic success. Parents strive to ensure that the…

Marketing Tips From Superheroes

Comic universe Czar Stan Lee’s characters human touch does the trick What shall we marvel at now? Stan Lee, the legendary creator of comic characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, the Fan…

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