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'Nothing should stop us from finding opportunities'

B360 December 29, 2023, 1:32 pm
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Sometimes, the problems that surround our economy confound me; I can’t help but think: why is it made so complicated. While some of the problems are very real, most are nuanced to be more than it is. But what gets me most is the fact that time has passed not in weeks and months but years and decades and we still struggle with the same issues. The contexts may have changed but at the core is sheer lack of vision, intelligence and the willpower to reform. Add to that, greed in so many forms, that now it is almost normal that nothing can be achieved without bribes, use of power and connection, or nepotism.

How many times can politicians harp on the same problems? How can we keep repositioning the same issues from different angles? And why does the public keep on listening, believing and hoping with a strange, learned helplessness.

The opportunities ahead of us are so immense with India and China growing their capabilities and influence. No global conversation on power and economics can afford to overlook these countries. If we have a government that is led by a visionary and courageous leader, we could be in the best position ever to leverage the path to prosperity in the nation.

I am not in denial that the world has been through some seismic shifts in recent years, and that we are collectively facing economic, geopolitical and environmental uncertainties, but I know that we can navigate these times better if we have leadership that knows how to weather these storms.

There is no denying that there is a continuing economic slowdown across the world, and we will all have to bear its consequences. But that should not stop us from finding opportunities.

Some 30 countries with half the planet will be going to polls in 2024, but there will be four elections that will shape the global order: USA, India, Russia and EU. While USA may face recession, China may face a slight slowdown but India is poised for growth; this means a drastic change in the overall balance of global economic power. Something, if Nepal understands well and works around with forethought could serve to her advantage in these trying times.

I am sure the powers that be have thought of this already but have they done anything about it or have a strategy in place is what concerns me more.

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