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Is Online Medical Consultation Catching Up in Nepal

B360 March 8, 2024, 11:40 am
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The global healthcare landscape in recent years has witnessed a significant transformation, with technology playing a pivotal role in shaping the way medical services are delivered. This paradigm shift is not limited to developed nations alone; the transformation is taking place even in the serene mountainous terrain of Nepal.

Nepal faces geographical challenges that often hinder the establishment of robust healthcare infrastructure, particularly in remote areas. However, the advent of online medical consultation platforms has ushered in a new era, offering people an alternative and innovative means to access essential healthcare services. These platforms are helping break down barriers to healthcare in regions where traditional facilities are limited or non-existent. The impact of online medical consultation platforms in Nepal extends beyond mere accessibility; it introduces a paradigm of convenience and efficiency.

Individuals residing in remote areas, where reaching a healthcare facility might involve arduous journeys, now have the opportunity to consult with qualified healthcare professionals at the click of a button. This transformative shift not only saves time but also proves invaluable in emergencies. The seamless integration of technology into healthcare not only addresses the challenges posed by Nepal’s diverse topography but also reflects a commitment to ensuring that healthcare is a fundamental right accessible to all, irrespective of geographical constraints. In light of the transformative role of online medical consultation platforms in Nepal, we explore some prominent online medical sites in the country that have been instrumental in providing essential health and medical services to the population.

eSewa Care

eSewa Care, a health care package curated by eSewa, offers customers a comprehensive range of health benefits at an incredibly affordable annual cost of just Rs 360. With benefits exceeding Rs 1 lakh, subscribers gain access to a spectrum of health services, including free consultation on dental health and a Rs 500 discount on dental scaling, promoting dental well-being without financial strain. The package extends its reach to holistic health with up to a 20% discount on hair and beauty spas, encouraging self-care practices. Additionally, eSewa Care provides subscribers with accidental insurance coverage of up to Rs 230,000, ensuring financial protection in unforeseen circumstances.

Doctors on Call

Doctors on Call (DOC) Nepal stands out as a prominent home healthcare service provider, introducing an innovative concept to the health sector by offering hassle-free, convenient and high-quality healthcare facilities directly to individuals’ homes. This forward-thinking approach involves a team of experienced and qualified medical professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, nurses and health assistants, collectively working to transform the healthcare environment. This modernised method of care, facilitated by DOC, brings health services right to the doorstep of individuals, ensuring comfort and accessibility for both patients and their loved ones through a simple phone call or message. DOC encompasses a wide range of services, spanning physiotherapy, nursing, doctor consultations, laboratory services, as well as the provision of necessary equipment and surgical assistance, embodying a comprehensive and convenient healthcare solution.

Hamro Doctor

Hamro Doctor, the pioneering online healthcare service provider in Nepal, revolutionises the traditional healthcare landscape by offering patients the opportunity to consult certified medical professionals and access a multitude of health-related services online. With a mission to simplify and widen healthcare accessibility in the country, Hamro Doctor provides detailed, personalised, research-based and certified information, including expert opinions from qualified doctors. Commonly utilised for understanding medical conditions, receiving diagnoses, exploring treatment options and seeking recommendations for future therapeutic conditions, Hamro Doctor serves as a virtual community facilitating live chats and discussions between doctors and patients for enhanced convenience. The platform’s comprehensive facilities empower patients to comprehend their health, make informed decisions and connect with the best doctors and treatments. Additionally, Hamro Doctor enables individuals to maintain a digital record of their medical history and profiles, eliminating the inconvenience of carrying physical files and reports from one healthcare provider to another.

Cura Health

Cura Health emerges as a partner for seamlessly managing healthcare appointments with hospitals, laboratories and doctors, presenting itself as a comprehensive one-stop solution for diverse medical needs. Offering unparalleled convenience, Cura Health allows users to effortlessly book lab tests from the comfort of their homes, facilitating blood sample collection from a location of their choice. The platform goes beyond mere appointment scheduling by providing a user-friendly interface to explore available doctors, view their details, check appointment slots and execute online payments, cancellations and rebooking with ease. Notably, Cura Health is at the forefront of innovation in the medical health-tech space by introducing both free and paid telemedicine services, incorporating audio and video calls. This pioneering approach not only enhances accessibility to healthcare professionals but also reflects Cura Health’s commitment to leveraging technology for the holistic well-being of its users.


Nepmeds stands as your dedicated digital healthcare partner, offering a comprehensive suite of services to address your health needs. This innovative platform facilitates the assessment of health issues, connecting users with the right doctors, enabling the booking of diagnostic tests and vaccinations, and providing easy access to essential medicines. Nepmeds goes beyond mere transactions by offering features like health record storage, fitness guidance and insights on leading a happier life. The commitment to affordability and accessibility is evident in their provision of genuine medicines at competitive rates, coupled with user-friendly payment options. Functioning as a one-stop solution, Nepmeds caters to a diverse range of healthcare requirements, offering a wide array of medicines from different manufacturers, including generic medicines, over-the-counter products, wellness items, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, Ayurveda products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, beauty essentials and surgical consumables.

The rise of online medical consultation platforms in Nepal signifies a positive shift towards a more accessible and patient-centric healthcare system. As technology continues to advance, these platforms are likely to play an increasingly vital role in ensuring that individuals across the country have timely access to healthcare services.

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