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Pre-Investment Seminar on Nepal Investment Summit 2024

B360 April 1, 2024, 2:58 pm
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YIWU: In collaboration with the Investment Board, the Investment Board has participated in five separate seminars related to the pre-event of the Third Investment Summit organized by the Nepali Embassy, ​​Beijing and the Consulates General in Hong Kong, Chengdu and Guangzhou from March 23 to 29 in different cities of China. With a view to the third investment summit to be held in Kathmandu on April 28th and 29th, the programs aimed at Chinese government agencies, Chinese investors and representatives of the Chamber and non-resident Nepalese, among others, will focus on policy and legal reform efforts to create an investment environment, investment opportunities. And four of the potential projects were informed.

On March 23, in a program organized by the Consulate General in Hong Kong, the Consul General Mr. Udaya Bahadur Ranamagar gave a presentation on foreign investment in Nepal, while the Joint Secretary of the Office of Investment Board, Pradyumna Prasad Upadhyay gave a presentation covering the investment opportunities in Nepal and the upcoming investment summit. Addressing the queries raised in the program, Upadhyay explored the abundant potential of investment in Nepal and invited the participants to invest in Nepal. More than 100 participants participated in the event, including local businessmen of Hong Kong, Macau, the chamber's representatives and non-resident Nepalis.

Similarly, in a program organized by the Consulate General in Chengdu on March 25, Sushil Bhatta, the Executive Officer of the Board of Investment, highlighted the investment environment and the impact of investment in Nepal, the efforts made by the Board of Investment in the field of project development and management for the institutional development of the established Investment Board to facilitate public policy partnership projects and large investments. Chief Executive Officer Bhatta informed that the investment environment in Nepal has improved and he is committed to facilitate the investment choice for investors. In the 39th program, Ramesh Adhikari, Deputy Secretary of the Office of Investment Board, made a presentation on the process of foreign investment and the provisions of the law related to investment.

Pre-Event Seminar was organized by Beijing-based Embassy on March 26. While doing it, the Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs Narayan Kaji Shrestha expressed the numerous opportunities for investment in Nepal called on those present to invest.

The chief guest of the event, the Deputy Prime Minister requested the participants to participate in the investment summit to be held next month as it is an appropriate time to get information about the investment environment and opportunities in Nepal. At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance presented a video message inviting Chinese investors to participate in the upcoming investment summit and invest in Nepal.

Sushil Bhatta, Chief Executive Officer of Investment Ward, presented a brief overview of the investment environment in Nepal and called upon Chinese investors to invest in attractive areas of investment such as clean and renewable energy as well as physical infrastructure, tourism, information technology, agricultural processing, uplifting urban infrastructure, mining and mineral projects.

While welcoming the participants of the program, Mr. Bishnu Pukar Shrestha, Ambassador of Nepal to China, believed that since Nepal is the destination of choice for Chinese investors, significant participation and investment commitment from China will also be received in the investment summit.

Similarly, Su Liang, Deputy Secretary General of China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), praised Nepal's efforts to attract foreign investment with its aspiration for economic growth and prosperity, and said that Chinese investment will fulfill that aspiration.

Similarly, a program on Pre-Seminar on Nepal Investment Summit and Expanding International Market was organized in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, in cooperation with the embassy on March 28. Addressing the program, Bhatta, the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Investment, informed about the main attractions of the third investment summit, the side events, the chances for G to G, G to B B to B interactions, which is going to be organized with the aim of making Nepal known as an excellent investment destination. Ramesh Adhikari, Deputy Secretary of the Investment Board office, gave a brief presentation on the process of investment, possibilities and possible projects that can be suggested in the investment summit. Addressing the program, the vice president of Yiwu CPPCC Ms. Luo Xiaojun informed about the topic that Nepal can also learn from this development and encouraged Chinese investors to search for investment opportunities in Nepal. Likewise, the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Commerce, Zhu Xiaotang gave a brief about Yiwu's import and export and Yiwu's presence in world trade, while Executive Vice President of the Overseas Chinese Association in Nepal and the Nepal China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association Mr. Chen Xiaoshuang shared his experience of investing in Nepal. More than 100 people including representatives of Yiwu Municipal People's Government, Chinese companies in Yiwu, representatives of the Nepali community, officials of the Nepali Embassy and the media participated.

Similarly, on March 29, the Nepali Consulate General in Guangzhou, in collaboration with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Guangdong and Guangdong Chamber of International Commerce (GCOIC), organized a function on 'Transforming Nepal into a premier global investment destination'. Namraj Ghimire, a member of the Secretariat of the Investment Summit, addressed the topics of potential areas and projects of foreign investment in Nepal and the overall investment situation of Nepal. In the same program, the vice president of CCPIT, Ms. Cui Shuang, said that Chinese businessmen are enthusiastic about investing in Nepal and businessmen from different sectors have informed their desire to participate at the summit. Joint Secretary Ghimire also addressed the queries and forms of Chinese businessmen regarding investment in Nepal. Saroj Bhattarai, Acting Consul General of Nepali Consulate General, Guangzhou, welcomed the participants in the event and said that Nepal is a suitable destination for investment and the Consulate General has facilitated necessarily for investment promotion. Leading Chinese entrepreneurs and businessmen from various funds and non-resident Nepali businessmen also participated in the program.






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