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Second Japan-Nepal Educational and Industrial Business Interaction held to increase Japanese investment in Nepal

B360 April 3, 2024, 4:31 pm
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OSAKA: Businesspeople from Japan and Nepal have been discussing the growing number of Nepalese workers in the Japanese labor market, its supply, and skill development for Nepalis going to Japan. These discussions took place at the Second Japan-Nepal Educational and Industrial Business Interaction held in Osaka, jointly organized by Ehle Academy Osaka and KYODAI Remittance, and IME Group.

The event was aimed to discuss ways to utilize the available opportunities in Japan. The event was supported by the Embassy of Nepal in Tokyo, Japanese Consulate in Fukuoka, Mori Kosan Company, Osaka Prefectural Tourism Bureau, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osaka Business Development Agency, Study Abroad Consortium Osaka, Club House Global Republic, and Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. More than 95 companies from Japan and over 60 from Nepal participated in the online and offline discussions.

The event was addressed on the Japanese side by the President of Ehle Academy Osaka, Keichi Hasegawa, Kansai Authority's Makoto Sakimura, Hagihara Daisuke, Project Manager of Trade and Industry Bureau. On the Nepalese side, the Ambassador of Nepal to Japan, Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi, and the founder and managing director of IME Group, Hem Raj Dhakal, addressed the event.

The first session focused on the relationship between Japan and Nepal, the increasing number of Nepali workers in the Japanese labor market, and its supply. Similarly, discussions were held on the recently increasing Nepali population and the steps that need to be taken for their welfare.

The second session focused on how to connect companies in Nepal participating online with companies in Japan looking to hire Nepalese workers in various fields.

The event facilitated interactive discussions in various groups, including tourism, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing industries, information technology, production industries, real estate businesses, and human resources. The discussions aimed at connecting companies in Nepal looking to send students and workers in various fields to Japan, with Japanese companies looking to promote business and invest in various sectors in Nepal, exploring possibilities for business discussions and commercial partnerships.

During the event, the Ambassador of Nepal to Japan, Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi, spoke about the long diplomatic relationship between Japan and Nepal. He emphasized that Nepal is always ready to provide all possible support through this program to promote trade and business between Nepal and Japan and to attract Japanese investment to Nepal.

Hem Raj Dhakal, the founder and managing director of IME Group, said that Japan can absorb skilled Nepalese workers not only as language students and ordinary workers but also in fields like information technology. Similarly, Dhakal urged Japanese companies to invest in Nepal as there is a demand for foreign investment in large projects in Nepal. He also invited Japanese investors to participate in the Nepal Investment Summit 2024 which is going to be held in October this year.

Keichi Hasegawa, President of Ehle Academy Osaka, said that the event was organized to strengthen the investment relationship between Nepal and Japan.

In a message, Yuichiro Kimoto, President of Kyodai Remittance and Remittance Ambassador KImoto Yuichiro, Japanese Consul in Fukuoka, expressed his commitment to further strengthen the long-standing business cooperation with Nepal. Nishimura Koichi, Chief Manager of Ehle Academy Osaka, informed the Japanese companies participating online and offline that they would facilitate and support them in connecting with any companies or organizations from Nepal that participated in the event.


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