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NCC picks chairpersons for its departments, committees

B360 April 25, 2024, 1:11 pm
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KATHMANDU: Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has selected leaders for its thematic committees.

Chairpersons for 24 departments within the NCC have been chosen. Senior Vice President Deepak Malhotra has been elected as the Chairman of the Disaster Management Council. Vice President Urmila Shrestha has been chosen as the Chairperson of the Women's Chamber, and Vice President Deepak Shrestha has been elected as the Chairman of the Employers' Committee.

In a similar vein, Vice Presidents Surendra Kumar Shrestha, Nilkantha Chaulagain, and Santosh Kumar Pandey have been elected as the Chairmen of the Commodity Coordination Council, Institutional Coordination Council, and District Coordination Council, respectively. Honorary Vice President Arjun Prasad Sharma has been elected Chairman of the International Promotion Committee.

Devendra Bhakta Shrestha has been elected as the Chairman of the Consumer Interest, Supply, Local Bodies, and Local Administration Coordinating Committee. Parshuram Dahal has been elected to NCC's Tax, Revenue and Customs Committee, Raja Ratna Tuladhar as Chairman of the Hospitality, Club and Maintenance Committee, Rastra Bhusan Chakubaji as Fair Committee, Krishnaman Shrestha as Agriculture, Herbs and Wildlife Committee, and Bhim Lal Paudyal as Chairman of the Industry and Commerce Committee.

Deepak Kaji Tuladhar has been elected to NCC's Information Technology Committee, Ram Shrestha to the Environment Committee, Raju Shrestha to the Tourism and Culture Promotion Committee, and Dipesh Tuladhar as Chairman of the Youth Chamber.

Furthermore, Roshan Bhayadyo has been elected to the Infrastructure and Land Reform Committee, Mrigendra Mehar Shrestha to the Social and Health Committee, Manohar Das Mool as Chairman of the Bank, Finance and Insurance Committee, Narendra Balav Panth as Chairman of the Energy Committee, and Sanjai Kumar Agrawal as Chairman of the Export Promotion Committee.

Rupak Rajbanshi has been elected as the Chairman of the Sports Committee of the NCC, and Bigyan Shrestha to the Information Technology Committee.

The new executive committee, formed following the 73rd annual general meeting (AGM) of the NCC, has also elected the Chairperson of the committee. Previously, the former president of NCC, Rajesh Kazi Shrestha, was elected as the chairman of the advisory council.

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