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NICCI Secretary General Sharma appointed Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan to Nepal

Preeti Pantha
Preeti Pantha May 16, 2024, 2:21 pm
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KATHMANDU: Nepal-India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NICCI) Secretary General Ramesh Sharma has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic to Nepal.

To mark Sharma's appointment as Honorary Consul, a flag-hosting and inauguration ceremony was held on Wednesday in Kathmandu. The ceremony was attended by Askar Beshimov, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Nepal, who resides in New Delhi, India.


The Kyrgyz Republic, also known as Kyrgyzstan, is a Central Asian country renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich nomadic traditions.

Kyrgyzstan gained independence in 1991 following the dissolution of the USSR. After a period of transition, the country has made significant progress through various policy reforms.

Kyrgyzstan is rich in resources, including abundant hydropower, gold, rare earth metals, and locally exploitable coal, oil, and natural gas. It also has deposits of nepheline, mercury, bismuth, lead, and zinc that contribute to economic development. Notably, hydropower, tourism, and the processing-textile industry are considered major sources of the economy.

Sharma, the newly appointed Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan, also serves as the Chairman of Sharma & Company, one of the oldest and most successful construction companies in Nepal.

According to NICCI, Sharma's appointment as Honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan, and the establishment of the Honorary Consulate office in Nepal are expected to enhance and strengthen bilateral economic relations between Nepal and Kyrgyzstan.

Meanwhile, NICCI congratulated Sharma on this remarkable achievement and extended best wishes for his future endeavours.

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