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Lectro F6i: If you are looking to buy an electric bike

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Nimbus International launched a range of Lectro e-cycles in the Nepali market in August this year. Lectro e-cycles are manufactured by Hero Lectro, India and target a small but increasing group of city commuters and bikers who are health and environment conscious. There are a total of 10 models of Lectro e-cycles available including the cargo cycle. The models and prices are as below: We got our hands on the top-spec F6i 27.5 model to see what it has to offer. At first glance, it looks like a typical mountain bike until you notice the battery pack and motor. The black and yellow colours make the F6i stand out from the crowd. It is built on a full alloy frame weighing just 24kg. This is the only model which comes with a detachable battery pack. The battery fits seamlessly in the bottom tube of the frame which makes it easy to instal and remove. The frame geometry is standard with a downward slanting top tube which gives the rider that extra bit of stand-over clearance. Its overall shape helps keep an upright posture which is perfect. The front and rear LED lights are well-designed and a safety addition to the e-bicycle. The front suspension fork comes with a 60mm travel which helps to tackle the bumpy roads of Nepal. Powering the Lectro F6i is a BLDC 36V 250W rear hub motor. The motor gets its juice from an 11.6 Ah lithium-ion battery. The throttle is placed on the right grip which makes it really easy to get used to. The e-cycle offers three-level Pedal-Assist: Low, Medium and High to give three different levels of power assist while pedalling. To match the electric speed of the e-bicycle with the pedalling, the Lectro F6i comes with seven-speed Shimano rear gear. The gear shifts are quite smooth and responsive. The gear also helps when you run out of battery power during a ride as it helps control the pressure you exert while pedalling. While using the throttle itself, the e-cycle can go up to a speed of 25 km/hr. Fully charged, the battery is capable of giving up to 60 kms on pedal-assist mode and less if used only in throttle mode. It takes five to six hours to charge to its full potential. The mileage of the bicycle might differ a bit due to varied riding conditions, and the weight of the rider. On the left side of the handlebar, you will find a controller from which you can switch on or shut off the cycle, change pedal-assist level and switch walk mode/front light. You can also find the battery level indicator and RFID sensor. You will get two RFID tags. After switching on the controller, you will have to just show the RFID tag on top of the controller and the bicycle will power on. This will increase protection of the cycle. The Hero Lectro app can also be downloaded on your phone and can be connected to the e-bicycle to access key parameters. Braking jobs are done by mechanical disc brakes at the front and rear. The braking system is powerful to get the bicycle to stop safely and quickly. The Lectro F6i runs on 27.5” x 2.0” Kenda tyres which provide a good amount of traction. The saddle is also comparatively comfortable with a good layer of padded cushion. The overall build of the bicycle from the comfortable saddle to portable detachable battery to well-structured alloy frame is great. It provides good mileage, plenty of features and is safe to ride making it a great e-cycle for those in the market for an electric cycle. READ ALSO:  
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