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Segway E100 — Smart & Trendy

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Ihub, the authorised distributor of Segway-Ninebot in Nepal, recently launched a new electric scooter, the E100, in Nepal. With increasing fuel prices and growing awareness towards environment protection, interest in electric vehicles is growing in the Nepali market. Among the many new electric 2-wheeler brands in the market, Segway is an American manufacturer globally famous for its two-wheeled personal transporters such as hoverboards and kick scooters. In 2015, Segway was acquired by Ninebot, a Beijing based company. The E100 from Segway-Ninebot is a small lightweight city commuting eco-friendly scooter weighing just 80 kgs. In Nepal, the new e-scooter is priced at Rs 291,000 with colour options of red, blue, black and white. We were able to get our hands on the E100 electric scooter and here’s what we discovered:

Design and Features

It looks very much like an electric scooter without an exhaust outlet. E100 is a relatively small scooter standing at 1135 mm height, 675 mm width and 1755 mm length. The scooter has minimal and smart design elements. On the front, you will find a clean design with the brand logo and LED headlamp which has been flushed into the fascia of the scooter. Up, on the handlebar, you will see a small black visor which I think is a design feature and the classic round-shaped rearview mirror adds to this. The scooter has a clean look from the side as well. The pillion foot peg is designed to flush into the body when closed. On the rear, you will see a sleek long LED tail lamp with integrated turning light. Right below you will see ‘Ninebot’ branding. Talking about the features, there’s plenty you’ll get. The scooter features LED headlamp with six lenses which uses intelligent sensor technology to automatically adjust the lamp’s brightness in response to changes in surroundings. The LED headlamp unit also houses the side indicators. One of the most unique safety features of the E100 is that the scooter won’t move forward until the rider is seated. However, this feature can get a bit annoying. One of the best things about the scooter is the deep 22-litre under-seat space where you can store plenty of suff. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, keyless system, GPS, remote-control lock, automatic lock, automatic side-stand, advanced anti-theft system, waterproof battery pack and a mobile charger slot.


Powering the scooter is a tailored brushless motor producing a maximum power of 3.2 HP and 150 Nm of torque. Being an electric scooter, you get instant torque as soon as you twist the accelerator. If you find the acceleration a little aggressive, you can always choose the first level of the riding mode. The scooter has three driving levels where the first level provides the least power but the best mileage, whereas the third level provides the most power in which the scooter hits a top speed of 60 kmph and the second balances both power and range. The scooter gets its juice from a 1.14 kWh lithium battery which takes up to eight hours to get fully charged. The scooter can run from 60 to 100 kms on a full charge. This is more than adequate for city rides. One thing that is not adequate is the power while going up a steep hill. I found it very hard getting out of an underground parking space and the scooter rolled down when I tried to move forward after a stop on the same uphill. Otherwise, the power is enough to go around the city for everyday work. Another great feature to add up the range is the automatic regenerative braking system which brings back some energy while braking. Talking about the brakes, the job is well done by discs on both front and the rear.

Comfort and Ride

Being a lightweight scooter, it feels very easy to manoeuvre around the city. The handle also feels pretty light making it quite relaxing to move around the traffic. Another thing that makes the riding experience easy is the seating position. You sit upright and you get a good amount of foot space though the scooter looks small. The seat itself is broad and well cushioned. Talking about the suspension setup, the scooter comes with independently developed shock absorbers which soaks up the potholes and bumps pretty well. However, due to short 130mm ground clearance, the scooter can have issues going over bigger speed breakers. For added convenience of the rider, the scooter is featured with cruise control which locks the speed once the feature is activated. To make the body structure more stable, a weight ratio of 50:50 is adopted by Ninebot, claims the company. The battery compartment placed under the baseboard is easily accessible and you can also store a spare battery for longer journeys.


Overall, the E100 scooter is a cool looking and practical little electric scooter which can be used for everyday office and leisure work. The smart features such as digital display, cruise control and remote key control are great, although the price could be considered a little high at Rs 291,000. READ ALSO:
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