Mon, April 22, 2024

‘We need the right interventions that will help safeguard the nation’s financial stability’

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Transitioning politics, governance and policies while navigating challenges in the economy, it is significantly more important that multiple stakeholders and experts collaborate to steer Nepal through the ongoing economic vulnerabilities. These are times of fiscal uncertainty and people are slowly but surely bearing the impact of rising expenses and income volatility. We hear the intent of government wanting to create jobs, build infrastructure, facilitate business and commerce, drive innovation repeatedly in speeches delivered by ministers and secretaries, but sadly we also repeatedly hear the need for an enabling environment that supports investment, and the need for policies that are consistent and allow businesses to function with least impediments from the civil sphere. The public also lives under rampant corruption, weakening rule of law, and lack of opportunities. It is the job of the government to ensure that every ordinary Nepali has a fighting chance to overcome the uncertainties of the post-Covid 19 world. It is evident that Nepal needs a strategic framework that allows optimum utilisation of her resources and strengths even as it builds an economy that is futuristic and resilient. But who will deliver this when the government doesn’t measure up? We are a country of young people but we will not always be so. We are a country filled with immense opportunities but they mostly lie latent. We are steering our economy through current global difficulties, but we need to ensure that we do not waste time or opportunity for economic renewal. We have weathered great challenges in these past years but we have not given up. We need investment without shortchanging on economic diplomacy, we need the right interventions that will help safeguard the nation’s financial stability but without selling out to the vested interest of a few. We need to build and work hard in a focused direction without remaining consistently mired in political confusion. Measuring up to people’s expectations requires a strong political will and the right intention. It requires a leadership that is not there to please or pretend but has the courage and fortitude to build through inflation while protecting financial stability and safeguarding social cohesion. READ ALSO:
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