Mon, April 15, 2024

‘It becomes everybody’s business to know whom they are voting for and why’

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With continued global uncertainty and economic instability, economies and businesses around the world are trying to ascertain a way forward that is transformative and oriented towards innovative solutions. Nepal has more to contend with in some ways. While our population is young now, it will not always be so. The huge exodus of young manpower to foreign lands every day leaves a chasm of critical workforce that could grow the economy in a more focused approach. Today, we are happy with remittance, tomorrow the lack of talent and skills will have bigger repercussions. We are talking about Digital Nepal and are even making headway in some areas but for the larger population, is just having the internet and using social media adequate for the transformative thinking that leveraging technology demands. Should financial literacy and technology R&D not be given greater impetus? Gender inequality still remains a reality. While other countries talk of an unconscious bias, ours is a deep-rooted patriarchy that still threatens women from having basic human rights. It does not only exist in the rural interiors of our country; it lurks in the dark corners of urban Nepal equally. Build sustainability into everything from politics to policies and businesses to board rooms. We must go beyond good intentions to good actions. Integrating sustainability practices promotes futuristic thinking and cleaner practices. It makes you more responsible for your choices, and allows you to benefit better from green innovation while it fosters growth. People must remain at the heart of everything we do. Not everyone came out of the Covid pandemic with enough resilience to move forward adequately. Some people have been scarred deeper. It is in society’s interest that we put our healthcare systems at the highest efficiency, and ensure that access to health by all becomes a government priority. Government’s rising debt must be backed by sound strategy. Is our leadership capable? Is it efficient? Is it honest? With parliamentary elections in November, it becomes everybody’s business to know whom they are voting for and why? Economic stability is a must and tackling fiscal difficulties requires prepared leadership. READ ALSO:
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