Tue, May 21, 2024

‘The biggest danger is the rising inflation’

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When I look at the varying levels of violence, unrest and hatred that has seeped into the landscape of our lives across the globe, it makes me question whether we as human beings have really evolved. Our life spans have increased, we have access to an increasingly comfortable life, technology connects us at speeds and ease as never before; yet we are living such fragmented lives. You switch on the TV and you hear people shouting, headlines have become about wars and corruption, debates are more about condemning opinions, and even markets and brands are all about establishing superiority. When you think about this culture of aggression, you are forced to really think about your own set of values. I believe that our government and leadership are a true representation of us as a society. What the government is doing is a reflection of the people who voted it into power. In a few months, we will again stand at the crossroads of another transition of power and leadership in the nation. It is important then to understand what is pivotal to our progress and wellbeing as a nation? We talk about wanting stability, systems, accountability, transparency and purposeful leadership, but is that enough as the risks and opportunities of a new world order await us. Are our leaders building their capacity to find solutions, navigate challenges, build a vision and execute seamlessly? Do they have the capacity and efficiency to learn and engage in a time that is shifting to pursuing growth imperatives that nimbly cut through disruptions and steer through uncertainties while executing excellence? Will the elections again re-shuffle old names, or will there be a true transition this time? The answer may well be to create simplicity in mindset, look for integrity in politics, clarity in business, engagement in diplomacy, and decisiveness in governance to create an economy that works for all. As is being discussed globally, the coronavirus may not be public enemy number one for the global economy in 2022; the biggest danger is the rising inflation and the risk that policymakers may have got post-covid recovery wrong. This should caution us to choose our leaders wisely and to choose well. READ ALSO:
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