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‘It is within our power and capacity to work towards real solutions and policies that matter’

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At the onset of 2020, we were gripped by an uncertainty like never before. Our lives, the world as we knew it, was just not the same. Our lives had changed irreversibly. We were confronted by the fragility of life as a collective species, yet the virus demanded that we isolate. It was an abrasive reminder that we aren’t really in control. And as heartbreaking images of death and fear filled our screens, I recall the images of exhausted frontline workers, ill prepared health systems, our leadership paralysed with inadequate response mechanisms, there was fear, anger, hunger, grief, sickness, death in the air… But in it all, also surfaced the miracle of the human spirit of solidarity and survival. The 360 Impact Awards 2022 that we recently held is a tribute and recognition of the people who chose to take action in the most trying hours. These are the people who showed incredible devotion, courage, compassion and commitment to mitigate challenges for those in dire need. They are the fundamental anchors who created a sense of safety, connection and bonding to keep hope alive. For us at Media9, it changed how we define heroes. We all carry the ability to make a difference but positive impact during trying times outweighs its normal effect. It goes beyond solving problems to help heal, revive hope, and inspire humanity. While we recognised ten heroes who are all powerful examples of how to make a positive difference in the world, it hasn’t gone past us that there are so many more among us that deserve to be celebrated. This recognition of the ten at the awards was also a celebration of their impact. The world continues to change. From Covid 19 which was a code red for humanity to a war in the heart of Europe that threatens our wellbeing, I feel it is time for us to truly reflect and deepen our civil engagement with government as aware citizens. We must believe it is within our power and capacity to work towards real solutions and policies that matter, and to build systems based on values, transparency and accountability. The price we may have to pay is too high if we hold back now. And lastly, the sceptics may question - why do we need heroes? The only answer is because they represent the best of who WE CAN BE. READ ALSO:
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