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Upgrading the operating system of CEOs, Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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The Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship organised a talk programme titled ‘How would Buddha lead your company if he was the CEO?’ on May 11. Sharangat Ajeet, an lIT graduate and former civil servant with the Indian government, who founded the capsule on ‘Applied Spirituality’ and ‘The Corporate Spiritual Responsibility’ was a speaker on the occasion. Similarly, Konstantin Pavlidis, Scientist Spiritual Teacher and Integrative Medical Practitioner and Founder of the Orassy - a revolutionary Medical Health Clinic Academy in London that has pioneered new models for optimal health, well-being, and self-development, was the other keynote speaker. Charu Chadha, Editor of Media9, CEO of Galaxy 4k Television and Co-Owner of Rage Fitness besides being a Marketing Communications Consultant was moderator for the event. The main objective of the event was to give a new perspective on 4Ps (Purpose, Principle, Process, and Protocol) to present-day CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Addressing the programme, Ajeet said, “Buddha was aware of the 4Ps of life. Wisdom of life is the wellness of our entire existence and the entire existence is interconnected. We are not stand-alone computers. We are existing and living together, and are part of a huge network.” Speaking on the topic, Pavlidis said, “Being an individual is a huge responsibility because you can’t blame anyone else. What is in your conscious mind is actually going to change your day. Scientifically proven, let’s say we have 500% negative brain circuits, I would say it’s 5,000 because we have inhabited this for over 1000s of generations based on survival. You should take charge of yourself, learn to be your own navigator and drive your own car. The doctor is there to guide you and give you driving lessons. But don’t sit back in a lazy way in the backseat and expect someone else to do it all for you because you say, oh, I’m not a doctor, I’m not supposed to know about my health. I was brought up understanding that it’s the doctor’s business. However, think about the fact that you live in your body 24/7 and you don’t know very much about it.” [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full" ids="24366,24365,24364,24352,24362,24361,24360,24359,24358,24357,24356,24355,24354,24353"]   As Pavlidis has been practising integrative medicine, according to him, the principle behind this medicine is to teach people to understand that self-responsibility is the key to getting better, if not being able to manage their lives. He states that this is a new approach -  self-generation, self-sustaining and self-managing. His approach is to integrate complementary medicine, so anything that complements allopathy, such as physiotherapy and nursing, alternatives such as homoeopathy, chiropractic and massage and takes traditional therapies separately then he integrates those three with allopathy through energy medicine. He uses electricity, magnetism, light, sound and tesla plasma as the major tools of activating the human organism. The event was held to give insight into the operating system one is currently functioning from, evaluated through scientific measurements of one’s spiritual health by way of ‘Spiritual MRI’ and ‘Spiritual Lipid Profile’. The event also highlighted the application of traditional spiritual wisdom in day-to-day life, without having to retire and withdraw to the Himalayas. Ashesh Maharjan, Founder of the Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, presented the vote of thanks. Business 360 was the media partner for the event. READ ALSO:   
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