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‘We try to help companies grow ushering in professionalism’

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Roshan Shrestha

CEO, Nepal Realistic Solution

A self-made entrepreneur, Roshan Shrestha is the founder of Nepal Realistic Solution, an organisation that provides consultation services to domestic companies in Nepal. Shrestha describes himself as a proactive individual with abundance of enthusiasm for all things big and small. Through his company, Shrestha has been overseeing the development of business strategies and marketing initiatives that position companies for continued growth as they compete with emerging companies on different national and international platforms. He is a certified Management Auditor and has specialised in standards that come under the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) like ISO 9001:2015, ISMS 27001:2013, OHSAS, FSMS, HACCP, GMP, EMS and many more. Shrestha specialises in strategic management, marketing, finance, and human capital. Business 360 caught up with Shrestha to learn more about Nepal Realistic Solution and the other initiatives that he is engaged in.

What got you to start Nepal Realistic Solution?

While I was in the UK, I began to realise one key thing; the UK’s manufacturing sector contributes to around 20% of the overall GDP while 80% comes from services. I recognised that the UK makes the most of financial capital from selling a service rather than making a product. I had always been attentive to things around me and took this observation as an opportunity to start something in Nepal. However, before starting my own company, I observed the consulting industry in Nepal and made comparisons accordingly. My boldness and vision to initiate new thoughts and enforce innovative approaches through guided directions gave me the opportunity to work for one of the top management consultancies in Nepal. I looked into the consulting industry in the country and wanted to bring about a systemic change in the industry by introducing new and innovative ways to run businesses. The goal of Nepal Realistic Solution is to transform and reinvent the ways we conduct businesses to survive and thrive in today’s competitive market. We are passionate about finding new and inventive ways to sustain companies in the long run, to improve people’s lives, and make the world a better place.

What is your area of focus while providing management consultations?

At Nepal Realistic Solution, we work with companies in different industries ranging from manufacturing, service, construction, finance, IT, hospitality, food industry, and so on. We help them with all areas of their business like Inventory and Asset Management, Human Resource Management, as well as all operations and processes of the business. We assess the risks and opportunities and determine a mitigation plan for business continuity. What we basically do is to try to not only help Nepali companies grow but also usher in more professionalism in the work culture.

What do you feel differentiates Nepal Realistic Solution from other firms that provide consultancy services in Nepal?

There is no doubt that consulting is a job that requires a high level of skill and expertise. The USP of Nepal Realistic Solution is that we have been able to successfully manage skilled consultants from all around the globe to provide the best solutions for any kind of business problem in Nepal. We have played a pioneering role in the management consulting industry in Nepal to bring the most innovative changes in the business. Our vast network with international companies has allowed us to introduce expertise from all over the world. We have collaborated with international companies and have utilised their insight to revolutionise business operations in Nepal. It is said that the PDCA approach is one of the better systems for management. What exactly does this approach entail? Could you please elaborate? At Nepal Realistic Solution, we operate with the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach. This is a management method that works for the continual improvement of an organisation. It is a methodical approach designed to yield the best results in an organisation so there is a constant and consistent change towards the improvement of the company. This cyclical method optimises all the processes in an organisation through the steps Plan, Do, Check, and Act where a problem is identified, different solutions are tested, the best solution is selected, and then implemented throughout the company.

What are the major consultancy services that companies in Nepal seek?

Some of the major services that companies in Nepal look for are Human Resource Counselling, ISO Certification, and Management Counselling. Numerous companies all over Nepal engage in outsourcing work with international partners. Having an internationally recognised certification like the ISO 27001, or the ISO 9001:2015 contributes greatly towards solidifying trust between international clients. This allows for a smoother trade and will also help companies to scale up easily at the international level. Another thing that is integral for companies is to have a well-trained human resources management system. Businesses rely heavily on their human resources to stay organised and productive. This is why so many companies need assistance in how to manage their human resources effectively. Another service that most companies in Nepal are in need of is Management Consulting. Seeing how the pandemic affected so many businesses all over the world, it is more evident than ever that businesses need a long-term vision and a goal to work towards. Having the right management consulting can secure the future of a company and sustain it for a long time. This is why these services are vital for companies in Nepal right now.

How do you view the culture of startups and youth entrepreneurship growing in Nepal?

Currently, the environment for startups and entrepreneurship has no shortage of problems with the political and economic instability we see today. With the lockdowns, frequently changing border restrictions, and a fluctuating production of necessary resources, it is difficult for startups to take off and maintain themselves. A lot of the promises made by the government are also not fulfilled in such uncertain times. There are a lot of challenges that are being faced by entrepreneurs looking to grow and sustain themselves today. While there are platforms that feature entrepreneurs, they are usually exclusive to those companies that are backed with a lot of financial support. So, instead of highlighting startups that are in need of growth, these platforms cater to those companies that already have a platform. Startups are undoubtedly going to have a hard time, however, there is definitely more hope for their future. This will be a harsh learning opportunity for a lot of entrepreneurs, but if they get through these struggles, they will be able to navigate the world of business seamlessly.

Tell us about the 100 Internship Programme. How will participants benefit from this event?

As we helped different companies with their human resources, we noticed a pattern with their needs. Most companies were looking for human resources with some training so they are able to fulfil the demands of their work. We observed a need for trained individuals but there were not many institutions that were willing to provide such training. Most companies’ preliminary training would not be sufficient in providing the interns with a wide range of skills and the companies could not spend more time in training as they prioritised productivity. So, we took the initiative to provide comprehensive training to recent graduates and people just entering the workforce. We were there to give them holistic training so they are prepared for their careers in the future, so that they have a solid baseline for their careers. It will help them with their own business ventures down the line and will also allow them to build their own network in their field of work. READ ALSO:
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