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Many people set fitness goals based on current trends, a style icon they appreciate, peer pressure, what they think their special someone would like them to look like, etc. Nothing wrong with it if it gets you to exercise in an effective and regular way, but if you are pushing yourself to do something that is not what you really want, you are not going to last in the gym. In fact, chances are that you will struggle with not just exercise but also self-esteem issues. You are likely to get into spurts of exercise, change your diet randomly, maybe see some result, put on more weight, face health issues, and simply struggle to keep going. I also often come across people who share that they just can’t find the motivation. They know why exercise is good for them and they know what they need to know, they even sign up for classes, and then it’s just gone. The intent is there but the action is not. And I always say, set goals that reflect what you want and not what you think you should want. Choose a healthy lifestyle because you believe in it. Eat consciously. Live with awareness. Choose things that are actually good for you. Temptations will always be round the corner, it’s okay to indulge once in a while but to choose to live in a way that harms your body and your mind is something I fail to understand.
Fit people are not just healthier and stronger but they are happier and better equipped to combat stress.
To get started and to stay on an exercise plan, set goals. It’s the most important aspect of your fitness routine. People who set goals have a far better chance of achieving them than those who do not. Goal setting helps your performance. It provides you direction, motivation and progression. Always make sure your goals are real to you which means that it doesn’t overwhelm you but feels like something you can achieve with some effort. When you are setting fitness goals ensure that they are specific, time bound, challenging but achievable. The key is to be sensible and to find a balance. It also helps to enjoy what you do. If you aren’t already there, learn to enjoy exercise. Understand that it’s not just about losing weight or overcoming a disease, fitness is an attitude. Fit people are not just healthier and stronger but they are happier and better equipped to combat stress. Good nutrition and regular exercise have huge benefits. With summer around the corner, it’s time to put on the running shoes. READ ALSO:
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