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How Do Our Goals Determine Our Life, And Our Health & Wellbeing

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Studies show that less than 2-3% of people actually have a written goal that they commit to; and fewer than a percent actually revisit their goal on a daily basis. Why have a goal, you may question? The answer is simple: having a goal helps you clearly identify and work towards something you want in life. It is what will direct you and help you achieve your full potential. After reading, watching, listening and meeting achievers, I learned about this one common specific trait – ‘goal setting and achieving’ that has immense power over our habits, patterns and behaviours and which can guide not just your health and wellbeing but also your professional and personal life. It encompasses every aspect of your life and the way you think, see and do things. Goals can be small and big. The smaller ones could be simple: waking up and exercising every day for a month, losing five kilos of weight in three months, being able to run a half marathon in eight weeks, etc. But the big goals are the ones that will shape who you are: these are the game changers that will affect your entire life. I had my education in a technical field. It was expected from me that I would study, get a well-paying job and settle in life. But it did not synchronise with who I was. I did not want to settle; I wanted to follow my passion, take risks, and do what I believed in. I chose the fitness industry when it was in its most nascent stage in Nepal. MMA was unheard of, forget being taught. Fighters conditioning and fitness programmes had not even entered the country. A gym was not located in a commercial space; programmes were not offered beyond aerobics and Zumba. Rage Fitness changed all of that. We set benchmarks for the fitness industry. It wasn’t easy; it required effort and patience. It required learning, unlearning and relearning. But today we are forerunners in the industry and offer the best programmes at par with global standards. What I am saying here is that the quality of our life depends on the decisions we take.

"It all starts in the mind: you either allow your thoughts to rule your life or you train your mind to live the life you want."

The same principal determines your health and wellbeing. What you choose to do: eat healthy and nutritious food according to your body’s requirements or to fulfil your desires and taste buds; to exercise or to stay sedentary; to think positive thoughts or to believe the worst; all these will determine your life, the way you look, think, act and feel. I know it’s not always easy for many of us to start a healthy, active and fit lifestyle. We have these endless thoughts that get in the way: I’ll always look like this anyway; My friends are going to laugh at me; When will I have the time; I would rather go on a crash diet or under the scalpel; It’s too much hard work; I am too old; I can never give up on pizza, etc. etc. Reality is you want to be fit, healthy and strong just like anyone else; you are just too afraid to start. Remember this journey is about you, not anyone else. All it takes is commitment and discipline. It all starts in the mind: you either allow your thoughts to rule your life or you train your mind to live the life you want. READ ALSO:
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