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Yeti Teeth: Made in Nepal powered toothbrush

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Aashish Pudasainee and Dipta GC

Co-founders, Yeti Teeth

Both Aashish Pudasainee and Dipta GC, Co-founders of Yeti Teeth, decided to drop out from an engineering college they were studying in Bangalore and decided to venture into the business world. Their first venture, Led Light Nepal, quickly gained traction as it transformed thousands of rooms with its fancy decorative lights. Recognising the potential for growth and innovation, the co-founders realised the need to expand their horizons and explore new opportunities. They then hit upon an idea to launch their second venture, Yeti Teeth, as the first sonic electric toothbrush company in Nepal on February 13, 2022. Pudasainee says, “Yeti Teeth aims to revolutionise the way people brush their teeth by introducing a more efficient and effective trend of brushing. We envision a future where people in Nepal embrace the benefits of sonic electric toothbrushes, promoting better oral hygiene practices and overall dental health.” As electric use of toothbrushes is widely prevalent in developed countries, the co-founders saw the space to develop it in Nepal. As first movers in this business, they know that they have the advantage. GC says that their products are designed with the latest technology and high-quality material ensuring a comfortable and efficient dental care experience for users with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service and promoting oral health education. The brand has since used strategic social media marketing such as PR packages, influencer collaborations, engaging campaigns, and word-of-mouth referrals. Like any business startup, Yeti Teeth has had its share of challenges. Their initial days of research and planning were difficult because of the almost negligible use of electric brushes in the market. Pudasainee explains, “We faced numerous challenges in developing a suitable electric toothbrush specifically designed for the Nepali market. We went through several prototypes before finally achieving a product that could meet the needs and preferences of our target audience.” At present, the electric toothbrush is limited to a niche market with the general perception of it being a luxury product. The focus market in the present time is the middle and upper-class population, while their long-term vision is to make the products accessible to a wider range of people. GC says, “Gradually, more people are becoming aware about the quality of our toothbrushes and have started appreciating it. The other plus is that our toothbrushes come with replaceable brush heads and 100-day battery backup. It is like making a long-term investment for your dental health.” Talking about the entrepreneurial and startup culture in Nepal, they say that it is rapidly growing with more individuals taking the leap of faith. “There is a strong sense of creativity and innovation among young Nepali entrepreneurs who are eager to solve pressing societal challenges and create new business opportunities,” they say, adding, “However, there are the challenges of limited access to funds, infrastructure and mentorship. Despite this, the entrepreneurial spirit in Nepal remains strong and with the right support and resources, there is enormous potential for the startup ecosystem to thrive.” The two friends believe that life is a race and one should be willing to take risks. They also believe in staying consistent and disciplined in meeting their objectives. The co-founders want Yeti Teeth to be accepted by a wider range of customers and they are working towards achieving that goal. READ ALSO:  
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