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Birthing An Idea

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SMITA LOHANI, UDITA GOLCHHA AND SMITA AGRAWAL CO-FOUNDERs, Parties-r-Uss When Smita Lohia, Udita Golchha and Smita Agrawal wanted to celebrate their kids’ birthdays, they realised there was no one supplying themed birthday party materials in the valley. To bridge this gap, the three friends instantaneously saw a business opportunity and decided to open Parties-r-Uss. A company established as a small retail store in 2009 has today become a sought-after event planning venture. When the three friends opened the retail store selling party supplies, there were many people who approached them to not just provide the materials but also plan and manage their parties. Parties-r-Uss not only manages birthday parties for children but also celebrations for grown-ups that include baby showers, anniversaries, bridal showers, weddings and corporate events. The co-founders assert that Parties-r-Uss is no longer just the name of a store but in itself a brand. A major reason for the success of the company is the level of personalisation that goes into the event with the co-founders not just delegating work but being present at the venue to ensure the smallest of detail is addressed. They execute the décor themselves and it is handed over to the client only when the partners are completely satisfied with their work. In addition to getting the ambience just right, Parties-r-Uss believes in creating an experience that will last a lifetime for their clients. “We have constantly tried to up our game, pushing each other to create something different every time and we try to exceed our own expectations,” shares Golchha. She adds, “We have to be aware of the trending concepts and familiarise ourselves with new materials all the while delivering on a unique experience,” says Golchha. Like any other business startup, Parties-r-Uss has also had its share of challenges. Establishing a company owned by three women a decade ago was in itself their biggest hurdle, share the partners. “There has always been this stigma around women who tend to break through specified gender roles in society,” states Lohia, adding, “No one took us seriously or believed in what we wanted to achieve. It was a challenge just to have our clients place faith in us.” On expansion mode, the three friends have also set up another company called DreamTeam Events to cater to big budget events, and are already taking on corporate product launches. Till now, the business has grown solely on word-of-mouth promotion with their work speaking for itself. “When we started, there was no other company doing the genre of events we were doing but in the last few years many have emerged,” mentions Agrawal. She shares that the country has huge potential for startups even though many fail but what is heartening is to see so many youths not willing to give up on their dreams. READ ALSO:
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