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‘Challenges do not come announced’

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Imagine travelling to various parts of the world, exploring every club, getting ideas, and then opening one in your country to give a thrilling experience to all party lovers. Rabin Shrestha did exactly that by establishing Lord of Drinks (LOD) and introducing a new era of clubbing in Nepal. And it all began with his own love for partying, socialising and also running a club named Karma back in 2016 that gave him the impetus to open a club on a much bigger scale. Understanding the competition and knowing that the crowds were ready for something different, Shrestha wanted to focus on the design, concept and ambience to ensure it would not just be the talk of the town but would deliver on the experiential level. He says, "The most loved concept of the club has to be its design because at any event or when any of our DJs are performing on stage, they can be seen from all corners.” Why the name? The name LOD is very catchy and Shrestha believes that reflects the true essence of the club. Given the magnitude and the size, there could be nothing diminutive about the club, including its name. “We brainstormed a lot and when the concept of LOD popped up, everyone absolutely loved the name,” recalls Shrestha. Located in the heart of Thamel, LOD is renowned for its clubbing scene and attracts thousands of domestic and international party lovers. LOD was founded in February 2019. However, the journey of opening and sustaining came with a huge set of responsibilities, especially operating in the current pandemic scenario. “From pleasing the customers to providing a safe and secure environment, every aspect became critical to its successful running,” shares Shrestha.  However, he is an optimist and prefers to view the challenges, not as problems to overcome but opportunities to learn and grow from. “The pandemic has been one of the biggest obstacles we have faced since starting the club,” states Shrestha, adding that Covid 19 has affected almost every person and business in one way or another. LOD was closed for almost 18 months. “The 18-month-long closure of the club was a big loss. For now, we are trying our best to get the club back on track. We know that the pandemic is not yet over, but one must learn to live and adjust to the times. After all, challenges do not come announced. As an entrepreneur, one must be prepared for anything." Over the last three years, LOD has experienced one of the biggest crowds in K-town’s clubbing history. Young enthusiastic youngsters over 18, different corporates and party-goers are the target clientele. Marketing the club, Shrestha relies on social media and word of mouth reference. He says, "Innovation is important, new ideas and planning are equally important. Hence, we are trying to come up with various world-class events and also expanding the venture outside of Kathmandu.” READ ALSO:  
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