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Most Used Nepali Apps

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The ever-increasing use of smartphones has made our lives easier in numerous ways, and has also increased the use of apps found in various app stores. This has also encouraged Nepali developers to design apps that are useful in Nepali context. Though most of the games and apps found in these online app stores are developed by non-Nepalis, there are a few Nepali apps that have made their way into every Nepali’s smartphone. Here are our top picks for the most used Nepali apps. Load Shedding Schedule loadsheding This is by far the most widely used Nepali app. Let’s us all be thankful we do not need it anymore, but at its prime, it was the most downloaded Nepali app. It provided all the information relating to the load shedding, its days and timing and what not. Let hope we never need to use it ever again. Nepali Patro nepali-patroNepali Patro is another widely used Nepali app, and unlike the first in the list, not an obsolete one. This is the most basic Nepali app, and the one every Nepali relates with, as it gives to you all the Nepali dates and festivals, along with Tithi and Panchhanga, that many Nepalis still adhere to. Another useful thing the app provides is the date conversion, from BS to AD, and vice versa, needed by all of us at one point of time. Government holidays, festival anticipations, marriage Subha Saits, daily horoscope, Forex, and load shedding schedule all come bundled with this app. What more can a Nepali ask for? Esewa esewaeSewa is one of the most popular Nepali apps. It is a Digital Payment Portal enabled with hosted wallet, both Internet and mobile, along with new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent (Cash in and Cash out) and different payment facilities. According to the developers, esewa is your wallet in the web and in your mobile device. eSewa account can be recharged through various option such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and counter deposit through member banks and fund transfer from another eSewa user. The fund in eSewa account can be used for utility payments, buying recharge cards, making payments when purchasing online and making payments when purchasing through offline stores by accessing eSewa account through web or mobile. Mobile Banking Apps bankingLately, almost all of the banks have developed their own mobile apps, to provide mobile banking to their customers. There were some pioneers, no name taking, but for now, almost all the banks have opted for their respective mobile apps. Most of these apps allow you to check the balance, send reminders about the withdrawals, and almost all of the basic banking utilities. Some even go a bit far as to provide you with online payments, bills payments and mobile recharge among the others. Consult your own bank for more info. Nepali-English-Nepali Dictionaries dictionaryAnother most commonly used app includes the dictionaries, some that translate Nepali to English and the others the other way around. Despite the fact that there is not a very useful and dedicated app, a few mediocre apps are doing their jobs, and are being downloaded. Hopefully, one day, there will be a better app for the purpose. For the time being, we cannot mention a name. Honourable Mentions: QFX-Club-Pop-UpKaymu, QFX Cinemas, NTC and Ncell app, Call Break.
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