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Enhancing Yourself

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Question: When heads of businesses and leaders interact with you, what are some of the biggest obstacles they face in terms of making businesses grow? How does one handle situations where you feel, ‘It’s not in my hands, I can’t fix this?’ Sadhguru: I think the main problem is people are trying to be on the fast lane without having a fast car. When you are in such a condition, you naturally crack all the time. You will be enormously stressful. It is like taking your old Maruti on the F1 track. All your wheels will fly in different directions. If you want to drive at such a speed, you must have an appropriate machine. Essentially, nothing has been done about the inner wellbeing of the human being. We are trying to get into a higher level of action without being in a higher level of function. Without enhancing yourself, if you try to enhance your activity, it is a sure way to get into places where you should not be. Either you or your business will have to break. The problem with most people is their own thoughts and emotions are a huge issue. The psychological drama is taking such a big toll. People are capable of suffering what happened 10 years ago, and they are capable of suffering what is going to happen day after tomorrow, already. They think they are suffering their past and future, but they are only suffering two faculties that are exclusive to human beings on this planet – memory and imagination. Most people do not know how to handle their memory and imagination. Does what happened yesterday or 10 years ago exist right now? No. Does what may happen day after tomorrow exist right now? No. So, in other words, you are suffering that which does not exist. That’s called insanity. People say, “This is human nature.” This is not human nature. This is the nature of people who have not taken charge of human nature. Whatever goals you may have, essentially it is your competence that will take you where you have to go. Everyone can have big goals, but do you have the fuel to get there? Success does not come to you just because you desire it. It comes to you because you are equipped. The two fundamental ingredients for any kind of successful activity on the planet are to be able to use your physical body and your mind to their fullest potential. If this has to happen, you must be pleasant by your own nature. That means you are not an ‘issue’ in your life. If you are not the issue, you can deal with external issues with absolute freedom. If you yourself are the issue, everything is a problem. What human beings need to do within themselves has just not been done. We are only trying to constantly enhance external activity in competition with someone else. This will lead to many issues within a human being and around them. Of all the machines on the planet, the human system is the most sophisticated machine. This is a super-supercomputer. I am asking you, have you read the user’s manual? When you have not even read the user’s manual, you will operate this by accident. When you operate this by accident, it will only function by accident. When you are functioning by accident, everything is accidental. When it is all accidental, you will naturally be stressful and on the verge of breaking down. Yoga is that user’s manual. It will help you become balanced internally, it will make you joyful by your own nature, help you do your best. In doing your best, there is success. You may not be better than someone else, but you will be the best you can. And then, you can handle anything that life throws at you with grace. Leadership essentially means that every thought or emotion you generate, every action you perform, impacts millions of people. When you have such a privilege, it is very important that you work upon yourself. If you understand that the work you are doing is important, who you are needs to be worked at continuously – not just increasing your knowledge or studying at a university, but enhancing this piece of life that you refer to as ‘myself’ to the highest possible level.   Read this also:

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