Keeping Business Alive

Running a business is a dynamic process in which individual companies and often whole industries rise and fall over a period of time. Such upheavals occur either as a result of relentless competiti…

Reconnecting South and South East Asia

I recall the days of yore when my father recounted the story of how some of the people in our village migrated to Assam, India and then to Burma for better economic opportunities, life and living. …

Towards An Efficient Transit System

Facilitation of transit services is a compelling condition for enhancement of international trade of all countries. But, it is particularly important for landlocked countries since obstruction in t…

Subjugating the Dilemma of Geography

Location of Nepal on the southern slope of Himalayas, embedded with a large mass of rugged terrain and hills poses daunting challenges in the development of transport and communication linkages. Ho…


The effort on enhancing sub-regional economic cooperation in South Asia was initiated back in late nineties under the framework of SAARC. This was a sub-regional economic cooperation program that i…

Sustaining Trade in Agriculture

Agricultural products occupy a significant portion in overall export and import of Nepal. Share of these products – classified under Chapter 1-24 under customs classifications – in over…

Political Economy of Conflict

Nepal is passing through a turbulent time in its economic and political history with Nepalis roiling under the trauma of conflict, natural disaster and in recent days, the impact of the economic bl…

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