Conscious Consumerism

Conscious Consumerism – some argue that it is a myth, some vouch for it as living with awareness and doing business responsibly. Wherever the argument may flow, it’s hard to ignore that there…

Affordable Healthcare for All

We have come far in terms of how we live. Technology has greatly enhanced our quality of life while bridging distances within countries and across oceans. We live longer. We travel more. We enjoy d…

Women are cautious about success

At the SAARC Women Leadership Summit in Colombo recently, I served on a panel talking about how media affects business and economy with a special focus on women entrepreneurship. While putting my t…

Own who you are

There are more men than women in economics, there are more men than women in policy, there are more men than women in politics and there are more men than women in business… and this is a problem. …

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