Is Celebrity Endorsement Effective?

By Rebati Adhikari Numerous advertisements crowd the print, electronic and digital media outlets. Rather than some unknown face appearing in an ad, a well-known face draws significant attention. Th…

Marketing & It’s Unlikely Practitioners

By Ujeena Rana It’s fairly clear that without marketing and promotion, survival in today’s global economy has zero probability. Today, even art, literature, and theatre which were conventionally th…

Major Departure in Power Sector Reform

Hydropower developers have something to cheer about as the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) – the country’s sole power off taker— has fixed the tariff for peaking run of the river (PRoR) projects …


After the fall of Rana regime and the establishment of Democracy in Nepal in 1951, due to the cross flow of people within and across the border; many Western influences entered the domain of Nepali…


Ram Kumar Thapa (name changed) owns two mini-trucks to transport construction materials. This is how he earns his livelihood. The mini-trucks however hardly impact the upscale status of his life. B…

Post EQ Reconstruction at snail pace

Two years have passed since the devastating earthquake, however there is dismal progress on the reconstruction front. Only 23,000 individual houses have been rebuilt in these two years due to slow …

Is Nepal Investment Friendly?

Investors participating in the government hosted investment summit recently have signed letter of intent to invest $13.5 billion in Nepal in various areas from infrastructure to business.  While this …

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