The startup scene is hot with new and young entrepreneurs coming up with creative ideas. Many are driven by the need to innovate, and for many the lure is to be their own boss. Access to data and i…

Young Women & Startups

On an average nine out of ten startups fail. Nevertheless, youngsters today are very much aspired on becoming entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial eco-system has gathered momentum with the initiation of…

Heritage Hotels – A Growing Business

Nepal is considered one of the best destinations for adventure tourism in the world. With eight of the world’s highest peaks including Mount Everest, Nepal is spread in an area of just 147,181 sq. …


Since the second half of this fiscal (2016-17), banks have almost halted issuing fresh loans or even already committed loans as they are running out of loanable funds. This pheneomena is known as ‘…

Online Shopping Gaining Momentum

Online shopping in Nepal does not have a long history, yet its popularity is on a steady rise with more and more e-commerce sites joining the race. With the growth of smart phone users and internet pe…

Power Supply Saga

This is the time of the year when Nepalis are prepared and habituated to reel under darkness as the only electricity provider government agency was ‘forced’ to curtail power for as much as 11 hours…

The Business of Eating Out

From casual dining to fast food joints and specialty restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes, Kathmandu boasts more than 2000+ eateries and is a source of direct employment to approximately 60,000 people an…

A Health Insurance commentary

While medical insurance is profoundly persistent in developed countries, it is still unfamiliar and unexplored territory in Nepal. People overseas are conscious about the necessity of medical insur…

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