Business beyond money

Business is guided by profit, but sometimes business is also guided by the heart. Ethics, honesty and human values are at the core of business for Basant Kumar Chaudhary, Chairman of BL Conglomerate. …

Guts & Glory

“Resilience is key to success in any business. One shouldn‘t be scared of losses, and be prepared to lose a few battles in order to win the war,” says Rupesh Kumar Pandey, Managing Director…

Homegrown Success

Innovation in thought and determination in execution is what makes an entrepreneur. Innovation however should not be so unique that it remains inapplicable. Business is also not just about what you…


“One shouldn‘t be afraid of death, as the fear of death will make you fear life too, and you will only try to survive. And a survivalist can never be an entrepreneur. You need more than survi…


Arun Chaudhary, Chairman and Managing Director at CG Holdings is a perfectionist. ‘Either don‘t do it at all or do it perfectly‘ has been the unflinching force behind his success. "There is no place f…


It does not matter whether you have been gifted business as a legacy or are a first time entrepreneur, business is hard work and you have to prove yourself along every bit of the entrepreneurial jo…

The Economic Vanguard

Himalaya Shumsher Rana carries diverse professional identities and claim to fame. He is the first Finance Secretary, first Governor, an industrialist, a private sector banker, development practitio…


BHOLA BIKRAM THAPA President of President Group of Companies Nothing can beat hard work, dedication and innovation for success in work and life, and this stands especially true for the President of…

Challenges Propel Me

Shashi Kant Agarwal is a man on mission – he is constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen the MS Group and its subsidiaries. Starting from textile imports, the MS Group has evolved into …

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