Programiz Learning To Code

Punit Jajodia Co-founder, Programiz Text by Ankita Jain Online platform helps software engineers and students learn programming languages via tutorials in the simplest way possible. “…


Text by Ankita Jain A local NGO, X-pose, has taken it upon themselves to address and help solve the difficulties in Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in a sustainable manner. Gyan Maharjan, the in…

Lights On!

Text by Avant Shrestha Pradip Khatiwada, Founder and Executive Director & Ashutosh Karki, Youth Engagement Team Leader, Youth Innovation Lab shed light on the darkness surrounding street lights…

Roads made of plastic waste

Green Road Waste Management promises to address two pressing problems together: bad roads and burgeoning plastic waste Text by Ankita Jain Introduced in the country by the duo Bimal and Sanjeev Bas…

Keep it local

Text by Ankita Jain Vacations are no longer about guided tours and expensive hotel rooms. Today’s travellers are looking for ways to explore and experience cities just like the locals. From a Khuku…

What’s the FUZZ?

By Ankita Jain Originating from a bedroom studio and an inexpensive DSLR camera, Fuzz Factory Productions has grown into a sizeable video production company, credited with some of the most creative…

Aeroroots: Growing Plants In Thin Air

In the 90s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) tested the effectiveness of an experiment on the Mir Space Station. The subsequent results revealed that plant seedlings could e…

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