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Affordable Healthcare for All

We have come far in terms of how we live. Technology has greatly enhanced our quality of life while bridging distances within countries and across oceans. We live longer. We travel more. We enjoy d…



Volkswagen Unveils New Tiguan

By: Sujan Tiwari Pooja International Nepal, the authorised importer of Volkswagen for Nepal, has introduced the new version of its acclaimed SUV, the new Tiguan. According to the company, the new T…

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Business Sutra

Looking for successful managers?

Today’s youth is head over heels in love with instant gratification. It has got addicted to two-minute noodles even when it has the option of savou…

SmartDoko Launch

With the pledge of offering a wide range of products for all age groups, SmartDoko, a Nepali e-commerce portal has been launched. SmartDoko has tried to stand out from the crowd of online shopping …

Dr. Niraj Baidya

Dr. Niraj Baidya is a Consultant Surgeon in the Department of GI Surgery and the Deputy Director of B&B Hospital. An MBBS graduate from the prestigious St. Petersburg Medical University in Russ…

Break the cycle of being too comfortable

Some days ago, an incident took place while I was headed for work. Two gentlemen got out of the lift at the basement. They again quickly and forcefully hopped back inforcing the almost closing door…

THE HUMAN BODY: The Planet’s Finest Machine

When it comes to a dimension beyond your present level of perception, the mind is a horrible guide because it says many things which make you believe things that do not exist, and it makes you miss…

Dr Rita Singh

Dr Rita Singh, Periodontist and Implantologist serves as the President of Nepalese Society of Periodontology and Oral Implantology. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Periodontics…

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