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happiness is transitory

It’s hard to have it tough when you are struggling to find your place in the ness. Sometimes when I drive through the city, I look at the haphazard mushrooming of buildings. There is little aesthet…



Conquer any Terrain with New Terrano

Pioneer Moto Corp, the newly appointed sole authorized distributor of Nissan Motor Co Ltd for Nepal has launched a new compact SUV Nissan Terrano in the market. According to the company, Nissan Ter…

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Keeping Business Alive

Running a business is a dynamic process in which individual companies and often whole industries rise and fall over a period of time. Such upheaval…

Business Sutra


The election is over. The government is in place. Stability seems to be taking root. There is hope in the air. Nepal is looking for better days ahe…

Bajaj launches New Year 2075 scheme

Hansraj Hulaschand & Co., the sole authorised distributor of Bajaj motorcycles, has announced its New Year campaign titled ‘Bajaj Yugarambh’ with the slogan, ‘Naya Nepal ko Naya Subharambh’. As…

Samrajya: Conquer Your Kingdom

By Rebati Adhikari We all have childhood memories of playing board games like Ludo or Snakes & Ladders. Now we have a board game developed entirely in Nepal called Samrajya by Manish Shrestha a…

Money Laundering and Policy Control

Money laundering is a process of converting and transferring illegitimate property into ostensibly legitimate assets. It is used for misusing the financial system by transferring illegal funds into…

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