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NIU – Drive Smart

Amidst an array of new vehicles making its way into Nepal, hoping to create a benchmark, the electric scooter NIU is recently launched. Classed as the world’s number 1 smart scooter, NIU was born a…

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HAN to promote Nepali cuisine

Hotel Association of Nepal has formed a committee coordinated by tourism entrepreneurs including members of HAN, Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal, food technologists and chefs to promote Nep…

Bajaj RE Swarojgaar Rally

The sole authorised distributor of Bajaj, Hansraj Hulaschand & Co. organised Bajaj RE Swarojgaar Rally with a tagline of ‘Swarojgaari mai Samajdhari’ in Nepal. 20 Bajaj RE will travel throughou…

 Goldstar Shoes

Kiran Shoe Manufacturers who make Goldstar shoes has opened their first showroom at Civil Mall and a franchise showroom near Bishwo Jyoti Mall. Marketing Manager of Goldstar Shoes, Vidushi Rana sai…


In the 21st century, ‘truly great’ means being able to create shared value for all stakeholders, including customers, internal stakeholders, financiers, and future generations keeping people, plane…


The popular saying – Trade in gold during times of uncertainty – has never been more relevant than the current scenario. Lately, the world has been awash with stories of ambiguity and g…

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