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Affordable Healthcare for All

We have come far in terms of how we live. Technology has greatly enhanced our quality of life while bridging distances within countries and across oceans. We live longer. We travel more. We enjoy d…




Volkswagen Unveils New Tiguan

By: Sujan Tiwari Pooja International Nepal, the authorised importer of Volkswagen for Nepal, has introduced the new version of its acclaimed SUV, the new Tiguan. According to the company, the new T…

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Business Sutra

Looking for successful managers?

Today’s youth is head over heels in love with instant gratification. It has got addicted to two-minute noodles even when it has the option of savou…

Why do startups Fail in Nepal ?

Entrepreneurship is all about getting out of comfort zone, taking calculated risk and modifying yourself with the changes taking place around. If an entrepreneur is unwilling to take risk, he is av…

Monetary Policy 2016-17

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) – the central regulatory and monetary authority – has made strategic shift in monetary operations through introduction of Interest Rate Corridor (IRC) in the Mon…


It does not matter whether you have been gifted business as a legacy or are a first time entrepreneur, business is hard work and you have to prove yourself along every bit of the entrepreneurial jo…

Brexit Jolts Global Economy

After 43 years of cohabitation, the British electorate has on a historic referendum decided to end civil partnership and leave the European Union by a narrow margin of about 4 percent. Although the…

Istanbul – City with Soul

Just eight hours away is a city that waits to be explored. Under a dramatic skyline of high-rise buildings and minarets, Istanbul takes you back in time even as it offers you a global contemporary …

The Economic Vanguard

Himalaya Shumsher Rana carries diverse professional identities and claim to fame. He is the first Finance Secretary, first Governor, an industrialist, a private sector banker, development practitio…

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