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NIU – Drive Smart

Amidst an array of new vehicles making its way into Nepal, hoping to create a benchmark, the electric scooter NIU is recently launched. Classed as the world’s number 1 smart scooter, NIU was born a…

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Business Sutra

World of Collaborations

Business is definitely not as usual. Business models have changed. People entering business have changed. Nature of business has changed. And above all, why we do business is seeing new thoughts, n…

Create Wellbeing not just Wealth

What we need in the world is not just wealth creation. We need to create wellbeing. Wealth is just one of the tools towards human wellbeing, not the whole of it. But right now, people are going at …

It‘s Now or Never

Most people are time poor. There is and there always will be something else that we need to do. Our mind has this amazing ability to create endless excuses about why we shouldn‘t exercise – it‘s …

Abhishek Agrawal

Abhishek Agrawal is a Managing Director of Greenline Centre Pvt Ltd which is a leading and exclusive showroom of imported range of premium brands in wine, whiskey, liquor, cigarette and cigar. Conf…

NTA to approve 4G service

Nepal Telecommunications Authority – the telecom sector regulator is to soon approve the applications of Nepal Telecom and Ncell to operate 4G service in the country. Spokesperson of NTs Min Pras…

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