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PAJERO SPORT – Metal Meets Mettle

There are cars that are faster, there are cars with better looks, and there are a precious few which are most celebrated over time and can be legitimately dubbed ‘iconic‘. Mitsubishi Pajero is one …

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Business Sutra

Looking for successful managers?

Today’s youth is head over heels in love with instant gratification. It has got addicted to two-minute noodles even when it has the option of savou…

Coca-Cola launches new global campaign

Coca-Cola Launched is new global campaign “Taste The Feeling” in Nepal on February 27. According to the company’s official statement, the campaign is a new ‘One Brand’ global marketing strategy tha…

Is this the silence before the storm?

The road to economic recovery lies at fragile crossroads. Issues remain to be settled. Strong commitment needed. But is anyone listening Even with the end of Terai strike and four-month long blocka…

Challenges Propel Me

Shashi Kant Agarwal is a man on mission – he is constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen the MS Group and its subsidiaries. Starting from textile imports, the MS Group has evolved into …

So much is happening in the country

So much is happening in the country. The PM visited India, new political parties have been formed, there has been a shift in leadership of a leading political party, new businesses are being announ…

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