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Norvic Int’l Hospital to conduct free OPD services for liver patients on Jan 14

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KATHMANDU: Norvic International Hospital is set to conduct free consultation services for people with liver problems, on Saturday, January 14. The Thapathali-based international hospital has been running ‘Free OPD Campaign’ as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the past few months. Previously, the hospital carried out free OPD for people having problems related to urology for several weeks. For the first time, a special OPD is going to be conducted with the aim of providing services to patients with liver-related problems, the hospital said. [caption id="attachment_32398" align="alignnone" width="500"] This image shows Dr Pradez Sapkota, Consultant Liver Transplantation and HBP (Hepatology and Pancreatic) Surgery, at Norvic International Hospital in Thapathali, Kathmandu. Photo courtesy: Norvic[/caption] A team of doctors led by Dr Pradez Sapkota, Consultant Liver Transplantation and HBP (Hepatology and Pancreatic) Surgery, will conduct free OPD services at the hospital from 10:00 am to 12:pm, on Saturday. Patients suffering from all kinds of liver diseases including cirrhosis, jaundice, fatty liver, and fluid buildup in the stomach will get free consultation. Those who want to participate in the free OPD can contact Norvik International Hospital's landline phone number 01-5970032 or mobile phone number 9880888000 and book an appointment. At a press conference organised a  few days ago, Norvic International Hospital said it has advanced the procedures for providing liver transplant services. The hospital has already been providing kidney transplant services. READ ALSO:  
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