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MAW Enterprises launches Yamaha RayZR Street Rally 125 FI Hybrid in Nepal

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KATHMANDU: MAW Enterprises, the exclusive distributor of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters in Nepal, has launched the much-anticipated RayZR Street Rally 125 FI Hybrid, a game-changer in urban mobility, seamlessly combining cutting-edge hybrid technology with Yamaha's signature style and performance.

Available in Matte Copper and Sparkle Green colour options, the RayZR Street Rally 125 FI Hybrid transcends mere technological innovation. It's a captivating visual spectacle on the roads. The sporty and dynamic design, harmonizing with Yamaha's 'Motorcycle-Scooter Evolution' concept, is elevated by a stylish metal plate addition on the body, complemented by a brush guard and wider block pattern tires, enhancing its overall character.

The RayZR Street Rally 125 Fi Hybrid is propelled by a robust air-cooled, fuel-injected (FI), 125 cc blue core hybrid engine with Automatic Stop and Start System. Adding to the innovation is the 'Smart Motor Generator (SMG)', ensuring a quieter engine start without the need for a separate conventional electric starter. Beyond being a mere scooter, the RayZR 125 FI Street Rally Hybrid stands as a testament to Yamaha's unwavering commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance.

Packed with innovative features, it includes the iconic LED headlight, impressive LED position lights, and a digital instrument cluster. More than mere aesthetics, the sporty design incorporates a brush guard, adding a touch of athleticism while safeguarding the rider from oncoming airflow. Enhanced by the edgy metal plate and wider block pattern tires, the lightweight body ensures exceptional pickup, superior handling, and improved mileage. The scooter is also equipped with telescopic suspension and a front disc brake with UBS for impeccable riding control, safety, and comfort. With a capacious 21L under-seat storage and a multi-function key switch, along with a two-level seat and pass switch, it offers a comprehensive riding package designed for style, comfort, and functionality.

According to MAW Two Wheelers Division officials, the RayZR Street Rally 125 FI Hybrid is a testament to Yamaha's commitment to innovation and sustainability. We are thrilled to bring this highly anticipated scooter to Nepal, offering riders, not just a mode of transportation but a combination of power, style, and safety, further enhancing our commitment to providing cutting-edge products to our valued customers.

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