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Himalaya Jet's Gurung urges British Prime Minister Sunak to visit Nepal

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KATHMANDU: Himalaya Jet's Executive Director Dipendra Gurung met with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during a luncheon organised by British Member of Parliament for Cities of London and Westminster, Nickie Aiken, in London.

During the programme organised by the Conservative Party's Deputy Chair Aiken, Gurung urged Prime Minister Sunak to visit Nepal.

During the conversation, Sunak inquired about Gurung's 'startup' international airline company Himalaya Jet and the operation of flights, according to the Himalaya Jet Secretariat.

Gurung informed Prime Minister Sunak that the long-haul carrier has planned to operate regular commercial flights to Monte Carlo, Macau and Las Vegas from 2025. Meanwhile, flights will be operated to 33 main cities of the world along with direct charter flights to Nepal within this year, he informed.

While Gurung urged the British Prime Minister Sunak to arrange a suitable time to visit Pashupatinath and the Himalayas for a holiday, the latter informed that he was scheduled to visit India in September.

On the occasion, Gurung also informed PM Sunak that he was going to organise the Miss World contest in India in December. 

Himalaya Jet, the UK-registered airline owned by the Gurung Family Conglomerate, which will be operating from London soon, is going to operate direct flights to Nepal from London, Paris and Frankfurt from coming September.

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