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'Great leadership, teamwork and aligning the company’s vision with the vision of the people working in the company are prerequisites'

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Ananta More

Executive Director, Lucky Group 

Ananta More is the Executive Director of Lucky Group. With over 15 years of experience, she looks after marketing, corporate communications and branding of the group. She is also a member of the Women Leadership Forum of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI). She holds a postgraduate diploma in Planning and Entrepreneurship Management. 

In this edition of Business 360, More speaks about her entrepreneurial interests, her pick of brand and what she has learnt from some of them.

Frequently-used apps

Gratitude Journal: I have been using Gratitude Journal for a very long time now. Ever since I started using this app, it has helped calm me and give me peace of mind. In life, we all feel low every now and then and are in need of motivation and encouragement; this app helps me with that. I believe one must always write down their thoughts as it serves as a reminder of all things that you can also be thankful for. 
YouTube: I use YouTube mainly for entertainment. 
Instagram: Though I am not a social person, I use Instagram to stay connected with people.

Advice for budding entrepreneurs 

Keep going: Regardless of the situation, one should never stop moving forward. While working, it is obvious that we face obstacles every now and then but our thought should be to keep going regardless.
Clarity on the vision of your company: In any workplace you should always have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and objectives. 
Once you have grasped the company’s vision, you should set your own goals and plans to align with the company’s objective. 

Places you want to travel to
Travelling is something I am very fond of and it could be to any destination but if I have to name a few then they would be the Annapurna Base Camp and Jomsom. 

A female-led business you look up to
Made in Nepal that was started by Latika Golyan has impressed me a lot. She has been travelling to different global platforms to showcase Nepali products which I believe helps in increasing the exports of the country.

Your views on gender equality in business
We cannot deny the fact that gender inequality exists not only in the workplace but across all facets of life, especially in a country like ours. Having said that, what we must also agree is that positive changes are taking place. These days, it is all about performance. It is all about how driven you are, how smartly you get the work done. Women definitely have more responsibilities than men. However, we can see several examples of women who have been able to perfectly balance work and life. Personally speaking, gender equality has never been an issue in Lucky Group; for us, it is always about performance, skills and talent.

An entrepreneur who inspires you 
I receive constant motivation and inspiration from so many entrepreneurs that I meet on a regular basis. However, if I must mention one name, then it would be my father-in-law, Satish Kumar More. I get inspired by him every day due to his hardworking and progressive nature.

Three brands you have learned something from
Tata is known for its ethics and work principles. Another would be India Mart, which has brought digitalisation in India and lastly, Amazon. I have learned a lot from these brands.

Success mantra
Great leadership, teamwork and aligning the company’s vision with the vision of the people working in the company in order to get everybody on the same page are prerequisites for any successful venture. Also, being heard and listening to others adds value to any company culture.

One non-profit you want to contribute to 
It would definitely be Maiti Nepal run by Anuradha Koirala. She has done an exemplary job by rescuing girls who have been trafficked while providing a safe space for them. 

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