Sat, April 20, 2024

PM Dahal vows to amend style of annual policies and programmes, and budget

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KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has announced a shift in the ongoing style of the government's annual policies and programmes, and budget from the next fiscal year 2024/25.

Addressing the nation on Tuesday to unveil his government's achievements made in the past one year, the prime minister admitted that the traditional style of policies and programmes could not bring about results and added that a new style will be embraced.   

Prime Minister Dahal argued that the traditional way of budget making has failed to allocate budget to the priority projects and make true estimates of expenditure, leading to the direct impact on capital expenditure. "I plan to move ahead in a new style by changing the system of policy making and budget preparation," he added.

Dahal also shared that the principles and priorities of the budget for the next fiscal year will be made public in February and the feedback from the people's representatives and general public will be taken on it.

He stated that policy, structural and legal measures will be taken with the target to obtain a double-digit economic growth rate.

The prime minister was of the view that the government is making the best possible efforts despite the journey to development and prosperity so far was not satisfactory.

In his address, Dahal said that he would not make a claim about the complete success of his government but announced that he would change the government's working style with this concern and self-review.

Similarly, the prime minister announced that he would not attend any of the public events except for some prescheduled and compulsory ones and added that his focus will be on new policies and programmes, budget preparation, and resolving the issues in the areas of development and good governance. "This will be a departure to change the government's working style. I am making changes to the structure of the Office of the Prime Minister this week," Dahal stated.

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