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'Success is not measured in just profits or the money you earn but rather in the customer loyalty you win'

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Ramila Nemkul

What began as a childhood curiosity, fashion turned out to be Ramila Nemkul’s calling and career. She completed her graduation in International Business from the Central University Finland in 2011, followed by a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Aalto University in Finland in 2015. Then in 2018, she completed another Master’s degree in Fashion Designing from AAFT, India.

Nemkul has been part of the fashion industry for the last 18 years and is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of KASA, which she established as a sustainable fashion line to promote Nepal in the international fashion arena. KASA is recognized for its environmentally friendly approach to fashion through the wide use of natural fabrics like pashmina. The brand also holds the distinction of organising two major sustainable fashion events in the Mount Everest region.

KASA has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for organising the geographically highest fashion show.  Nemkul likes to do things differently and she also finds creative expression in her shows hosting remarkable fashion events in heritage sites. 

In this edition of Business 360, Nemkul speaks about her list of top brands. 

Top 3 apps that you use the most
Banking apps, Instagram, Vogue Runway

Favourite Clothing Brand
Definitely KASA

Top 3 startups in Nepal which have the potential to grow big
Khaalisisi: It’s a woman-oriented business which converts trash to cash. Today, it is not just a business but also a problem-solving idea. 
SY Panel Nepal: It is a leading construction company in Nepal which offers innovative and interesting building solutions.
Tigs accounting software: This software helps manage finances and is Nepal’s first cloud-based accounting application.

What do you drive
Volkswagen. Planning to shift to EV soon.

Favourite tech company 
Alibaba: It’s incredible to see how it started and flourished into international spaces over time.
Khaalisisi: It’s amazing to see how they are solving our problems and converting trash into cash. 

3 places in Nepal that’s on your bucket list
Gosaikunda, Mustang and Annapurna Base Camp


Most used electronic gadget
As a designer, I use maximum time on my laptop 

An entrepreneur you look up to and why
Elon Musk. I was really inspired when I read his biography. He failed so many times but he used those experiences as his strength. There were times when he didn’t even have food to eat and he used to ask friends for money. There were times when people didn’t trust him but his entrepreneurship skills and journey is really inspiring. 

Best work advice you have received 
My dad was also an entrepreneur and he used to tell me ‘Loyalty and dedication to your work are the key to success’. Success is not measured in just profits or the money you earn but rather in the customer loyalty you win. So, in business your success is the loyalty that you can get and the dedication that you give towards your work. I think this advice has really helped me throughout my journey. 

Favourite shopping destination

Go-to eating spot
Firstly, I am not a foodie. It may sound funny but I eat to live. But when I go out, I prefer going to GG Machhan as I love the sukuti there which is made from fresh meat. 

Future plans with the company
After long research our mock-up is ready. I have tried Zara, H&M and every other brand in these six years. But now I will go a little exclusive. There is a very large competition in the clothing industry and now since we have already built a brand, I will concentrate more on the elegance side. After this mock-up, I am going for a franchise at both the national and international levels. 

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