Thu, April 25, 2024

TechStudio offers mobile phone sets free on purchase of selected AQFiT smartwatches

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KATHMANDU: TechStudio has announced a special scheme for upcoming Tihar festival with the tagline, 'Get Free Mobile Phone with Every Purchas of AQFiT Smartwatch'.

The scheme offers a free mobile phone with every purchase of selected models of AQFiT Smartwatches. The selected models include AQFiT W16, AQFiT W18 (Max GT) and AQFiT W20 (Cosmiq+), with offer prices at Rs 3,999, Rs 4,999 and Rs 6,999 respectively. With the purchase of AQFiT W16, KGTEL 105 mobile phone is offered for free. Likewise, KGTEL 106 and KGTEL 243 are offered free on the purchase of AQFiT W18 (Max GT) and AQFiT W20 (Cosmiq+) respectively. The market prices of KGTEL 105, 106 and 243 mobile phones are Rs 1,500, Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,000 respectively.

This offer is valid until November 10 2023.

TechStudio is a well-known tech company that imports smart watches, smart audio, home theatre systems, personal audio systems, accessories and lifestyle products. 

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