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23 local governments fail to submit budget details on time

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KATHMANDU: Twenty-three local governments have not submitted the details of the budget they presented for the current fiscal year to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration yet. 

The local levels are required to update the details of the annual budget to the central portal after it is endorsed by rural and municipal assemblies when the Local Government Operation Act, 2074 BS mandates the local government to endorse the budget by mid-July.

Though four months have already been completed since the beginning of the fiscal year 2023/24, 23 local governments including 21 in the Madhesh Province did not update the details in the system.

According to MoFAGA, it has already asked those local levels time and again for the details submissions, but the full updates are still awaited. It is said budget brought for some local levels has not been endorsed by the rural and municipal assemblies.

Chitwan's Rapti Municipality chief administrative officer Nilam Kumar Neupane said the budget for the local government has already been passed but the entry to the federal system is awaited while Tehrathum's Aathrai Rural Municipality administrative officer Niraj Sharma said the budget details have yet to be updated in the Ministry's website.

Other municipalities and rural municipalities that have yet to submit the budget details to the federal ministry include Kanchanrup Municipality, Chhinnamasta RM, Mahadeva RM and Rupani Municipality in Saptari, Aurahi RM and Bhagawanpur RM in Sirhaha, Aurahi and Kamala Municipality in Dhanusha, Balara Municipality, Haripurwa Municipality and Chandranagar RM in Sarlahi, Garuda Municipality, Katahariya Municipality, Gadhimai Municipality, Phatuwa Bijaypur Municipality, Madhabnarayan Municipality, Maulapur municipality and Yamunamai RM in Rautahat, Simraungadh municipality and Adarsha Kotwal RM in Bara and Sakhuwa RM in Parsa.

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