Fri, April 19, 2024

Chinese team to conduct feasibility study of Kathmandu-Kyirong railway

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KATHMANDU: A high-level team of Chinese experts arrived in Kathmandu on Tuesday for the feasibility study and survey of Kathmandu-Kyirong railway with a grant from China. The Department of Railways said that the Chinese technical team arrived to carry out the feasibility study of the Nepal-China cross-border railway adding that the pre-feasibility of the task has already been completed. Likewise, the Embassy of China in Kathmandu also confirmed the team’s arrival stating that ‘the first batch of Chinese experts have arrived in Kathmandu to conduct the feasibility study and survey of the China-Nepal cross-border railway’. Spokesperson of the Department, Aman Chitrakar, said the feasibility study process will be advanced in collaboration with the Chinese experts and the Department of Railways. The Chinese side considers the feasibility study as a detailed project report (DPR). Earlier, the Government of Nepal had urged the Chinese side to carry out the feasibility study. However, arrival of the Chinese team was stalled due to the Covid 19 pandemic and other reasons. The team will carry out the study on the overall project. To conduct the feasibility study and survey of the China-Nepal cross-border railway has been a long-cherished dream of Nepalis, and an important consensus reached between leaders of the two countries, the Embassy said in a statement. The Embassy said that it is also an integral part of jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) between China and Nepal adding that China gives priority to Nepal’s aspirations and needs in this regard, and will proactively push ahead with the study. The two countries will maintain close contact and coordination in jointly carrying out the work ahead with a view of building a trans-Himalayan multi-dimensional connectivity network, it is said. By RSS READ ALSO:  
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