Wed, July 17, 2024

NIBL Ace Capital to invest in Dugar Healthcare’s HMDL

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KATHMANDU: NIBL Ace Capital, a leading investment bank in Nepal, on Sunday signed a definitive investment agreement with H Medical and Diagnostic Private Limited (HMDL) — a division of Dugar Healthcare. Shivanth Bahadur Pandé, Chief Executive Officer of NIBL Ace, and Abhishek Dugar, Vice Chairman and CEO of HMDL signed the agreement amid a programme. HMDL in collaboration with Tata Medical and Diagnostics, a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA Group, India's largest salt-to-software conglomerate, has grown to become one of the leading companies in medical tech and diagnostic sectors which develops, produces and markets futuristic diagnostic products including medical equipment, reagents, pharmaceuticals drugs and other products. HMDL, which was established in 2021, amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, quickly created a niche for itself by importing affordable PCR kits manufactured by Tata Medical and Diagnostics. So much so that it captured major market share in Nepal by building a highly recognisable brand portfolio with robust sales of Covid PCR kits and reagents. HMDL also introduced Tata-manufactured mobile diagnostic van which can access the remotest areas in Nepal's mountainous regions to carry out diagnostic tests. With the laudable objective of providing affordable healthcare all over Nepal, the company plans to establish and operate fully-fledged manufacturing units to produce diagnostic and reagents products in Nepal, apart from setting up high-tech futuristic diagnostic centres all over the country and launch different products and services in collaboration with TATA medical and diagnostics, India. Their entire business focus will be integrating futuristic and emerging technologies into healthcare. They will also work in tandem with other diagnostic labs and hospitals to provide integrated and affordable healthcare solutions to the masses. READ ALSO:
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