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Mustang supplies apples worth Rs 500m to other districts

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MYAGDI: Apples worth Rs 500 million have been supplied from Mustang to other districts this year. Around 70% of the total produces has been supplied to other districts, according to Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Mustang. The supply amounted to 4,620 metric tonnes. Apple is sold at Rs 100 per kg in September and between Rs 120 and Rs 130 in November. However, the farmers said the apple was sold at Rs 110 per kg on average. Chief of Agriculture Knowledge Centre in Mustang, Prakash Bastakoti, said the apple production was upped by 18.56% this year. "It was found during crop cutting and inquiry made at the orchard that the production increased due to favourable climate, land and increased new plants," Bastakoti said. Apple trees were planted on 580 hectares of land. The farming is done in all five local levels of Mustang. The crop-cutting survey revealed that 11.37 metric tonnes of apples are produced in one hectare land, Bastakoti said. Out of the total produce, 440 metric tonnes of apples were produced with high-density technology. Such technology is adopted in 38 hectares of land. The knowledge centre further said farmers had been aware of orchard management. Agriculture Officer for PM Agriculture Modernisation Project, Netra Bhatta, said nearly 70 metric tonnes of apples were kept in six cold stores for off-season sale. Usually, apples are sold at a higher price from March to April. The agriculture knowledge centre has been running the apple bloc programme. Seventy per cent of the total produce in Mustang is supplied to other districts. Apples are produced on land at an altitude of 2,500 metres from sea level. The cold weather with snow adds quality and taste to the apple. The tourists visiting Mustang buy apples as gift. There are also six liquor factories which produce liquor by processing apples. By RSS READ ALSO:
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