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Social security to cover informal sector, Nepali migrant workers

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KATHMANDU: The government is preparing to cover social security for workers in the informal sector, Nepali migrant workers abroad and those engaged through self-employment. Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Sher Bahadur Kunwar has pledged to bring the informal sector on board the social security criteria. At an event organised on the occasion of the fifth Social Security Day on Sunday, Minister Kunwar said the social security scheme will be made conducive to the workers. Hinting at amendments to the schemes unveiled by the Social Security Fund (SSF), Minister Kunwar argued that no one will be left behind as the criterion of the social security scheme has been extended. He further said that the family members of the workers will be encouraged towards entrepreneurship development by extending the SSF’s horizon. Also speaking at the event, SSF Chairman and Secretary at the Ministry, Yek Narayan Aryal, said the employees and employers should not hesitate to join the social security scheme as the SSF has been offering the contributors with attractive facilities. Likewise, SSF Executive Director Kapil Mani Gyawali said the contributors as well as their spouses will get medical expenses for the chronic disease. Meanwhile, the SSF established its offices in Butwal and Nepalgunj on Sunday. This is the fourth office of SSF after Biratnagar and Simara and the office will be established in Pokhara in the near future. Presently, 17,507 employers and 375,904 employees have been enlisted in the SSF and a total of Rs 26 billion has been collected from them. By RSS READ ALSO: 
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