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Itahari International College conducts AAA Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022

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KATHMANDU: Itahari International College conducted AAA Scholarship Award Ceremony for 2022 to reward students who excelled during the calendar year in academics, discipline, and active participation. The AAA Scholarship, which stands for Academics, Attendance, and Attitude, has been initiated to provide students with the incentive of having 100% of their tuition fees waived for the calendar year courtesy of their excellent performance at the college. The first edition of this scholarship programme saw a total of 136 applicants filled with enthusiasm to secure the prize at stake. After a challenging selection process by the college’s faculty members, 21 students were selected as deserving recipients of the esteemed AAA Scholarship 2022, amounting to almost Rs 2.8 million. The award ceremony was organised in honour of these deserving recipients, where they received the awards in front of their proud family members and the whole IIC family while being personally congratulated by Dr Dakshata Rana Shah, CEO of Itahari International College. “Alongside the entire IIC family, I am extremely proud of your perseverance and diligence that have led you to achieve the first-ever AAA Scholarship," Shah said and added, "I hope to see even more of our students honoured with this award in the future.” In a short period, the AAA Scholarship programme has become a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their amazing overall performance at the college. It has been designed to encourage active participation along with academic excellence, consequently leading to an all-around development of the students. READ ALSO:
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