Thu, February 22, 2024

Hyatt Place Kathmandu hosts cake-mixing ceremony

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KATHMANDU: Hyatt Place Kathmandu on Wednesday held a cake-mixing ceremony to mark the beginning of upcoming winter festivals and holidays. The function was organised at Zing Alfresco. The cake mixing ceremony is an old tradition where dry fruits, nuts, grains and spices are combined together and soaked in fruit juices and alcohol to form a mixture which is later used in Christmas cakes. Special guests invited on the occasion included social influencers and business delegates who thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony. “It is so much fun gathering around with all these amazing women and start off the festival season, even the weather is giving that vibe,” said Sang Sook Lee, Spouse of the Korean Ambassador to Nepal. The ceremony concluded with everyone enjoying the scrumptious snacks, drinks and fun conversation. READ ALSO:    
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