Thu, June 13, 2024

India to purchase 22MW more power from Nepal

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has received approval from India to export 22 megawatts (MW) of power produced by Chilime Hydropower Company. NEA Spokesperson Suresh Bahadur Bhattarai confirmed that NEA got approval from India’s Central Electricity Authority to export more power, on October 31. With the approval, Nepal will now export 386MW of power to India, Spokesperson Bhattarai added. As per the data released by the NEA last month, the power export had exceeded one billion units and the latest data are expected to be released soon. Earlier, the NEA had proposed the sale of 100.9MW of power at a competitive price in the Day-Ahead Market of Indian Energy Exchange Limited (IEX) by considering the source of the electricity produced from four different hydropower projects. The NEA had proposed the export of hydropower produced from Likhukhola ‘A’ (29MW), Kabeli B-I (25MW), Maikhola (22MW), Hewakhola A (15MW) and Lower Modi I (10MW). Likewise, the proposal was made for the export of 111MW of power generated from Mistrikhola, Solukhola, Chilime and other projects. NEA Executive Director Kul Man Ghising expressed his confidence to get permission from India to export power from Nepal. From the export of surplus power, Nepal has earned nearly Rs 8 billion in the past five months. READ ALSO:
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