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Hyatt Place Kathmandu hosts food festival

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KATHMANDU: Hyatt Place Kathmandu has started a week-long food festival.  The festival that started on Saturday is being held to celebrate the food heritage and ethnic cuisines of Nepal in collaboration with Raithaane — a food enterprise that champions traditional ingredients and dishes. Nepal is a diverse country with a varied culture, language, and biodiversity. From the deep valleys to the high Himalayas and lush evergreen forests of Terai to the mountain grasslands, geography and culture have shaped and defined the food preferences of hundreds of ethnic groups which have evolved with time and the way of life of the people. But, unfortunately, due to various reasons, these ethnic cuisines are being forgotten or lost. [gallery link="file" size="full" ids="30003,30002,30000"] Modernisation is important, also equally important is to preserve the tradition and culture we inherited, cuisine being the impartial part of it. Underlining the same belief, 'Lost Cuisines of Nepal' is an initiation by Hyatt Place Kathmandu to accent these traditional dishes which is not just going to be a culinary experience but also will take one through the journey of lifestyles of Nepalis reflected through the dishes. For instance, in Phalgi, the sweetness of young green maize is preserved by crushing it and drying it for use in winter stews. In Taruwa, seasonal greens are dipped in fresh batter and fried to provide a crispy bite to everyday meals. In Yanben faksa, wild edible lichen is elaborately processed and paired with pork offal. Thekuwa, an ancient delicacy, is prepared for matrimonial rituals in Tarai regions. These are a few mentions from the menu. This food fest, set in a traditional interior of Zing-World of Flavours, will feature ancient delicacies from nooks and corners of the country. This first-ever traditional food fest will be inaugurated by Pawan Golyan, chairman of Golyan Group, who has been consistently promoting Nepal-made products with one of his many ventures, Mato. The food festival will conclude on November 5. READ ALSO:  
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