Thu, June 13, 2024

Government will incentivise apple farmers: Finance Minister Sharma

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JUMLA: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said that apples of Jumla are a special priority of the government from its production to marketing. He mentioned that the identity and importance of Jumli apples are distinct, and asserted that the government was serious about supporting the farmers in terms of incentives, subsidised loans and marketing of the produced fruits. Finance Minister Sharma, who reached Jumla on Saturday to inaugurate the Guthichaur Agrofarm located in Guthichaur Rural Municipality-5, said the contribution of the agricultural sector is important to boost and strengthen the country's economy. Minister Sharma opined that economic prosperity of the country was not possible without an increase in agricultural production. “Since Karnali has the ability to support the entire country it is necessary to increase investment here,” the Finance Minister said. "The economy of Jumla can be improved through apple, beans and walnut farming," Sharma said. He, however, expressed that lack of concrete policy and sufficient budget were barriers to harnessing the abundant potential in terms of agriculture, tourism and herbs in Karnali. Lawmaker Gajendra Bahadur Mahat said that Guthichaur Agrofarm is Jumla's model farm which has created hundreds of jobs and started the agricultural revolution. Owner of the agro farm, Mim Bahadur Bhandari, said that 33,000 apple saplings were planted in Guthichaur Agrofarm, which started four years ago with an investment of Rs 130 million. The agro farm targets to plant 50,000 saplings, he said. By RSS  
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